One disadvantage of buying product online is basically the perception you may have of the result product.

Does this mean that we are not going to buy online  or from online companies anymore? I don’t think so. But it also is both the seller and the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the final product is what the buyer was expecting it to be.

How do we work around this? Here, our

3 Steps Accomplishes Customer Satisfaction

  1. FREE Sample Packages. Available for both new and previous customers, we can send you an absolutely FREE, no-commitment envelope with some samples of pvc labels or pvc patches or keychains…. whatever the product is that you are thinking about, plus an informational brochure about PVC products.
  2. FREE Digital Proofs. Once you agree in a price for your product, we send you a digital proof  in the form of a PDF with your design and some other key details about your product: does it have a sewing channel? 1,2, or layers of PVC? 2D or 3D? Velcro or Adhesive Backing? We encourage our customers to review their Digital Proofs very well, as the pre-production sample will be made using this artwork, and nobody wants to have to re-make a mold because there was a typo in the Digital Proof and no one caught it 🙁
  3. Pre-Production Samples. Once you are satisfied with your Digital Proof, we will create a pre-production sample and send you an email with a picture of your PVC piece. Again we strongly encourage our customers to double and triple check this picture, as the total of the order will be manufactured using this as the original. Are you nervous about ordering online without the piece in your hand? Do you want to “feel” your PVC piece before we submit the order for complete manufacturing? No problem, we can ship it to you it will just add at least another 3 weeks to your total production time.

And that’s it. With good to excellent communication between both parties, the final product will be a hit!

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