Raise Your Airsoft Team above the rest with Awesome PVC Patches


Soft PVC Patches are TOUGH

These soft, rubber patches withstand even the toughest of conditions. There is no wear and tear that can take down PVC. PVC patches are Style and Durability partnered together for success.

Soft PVC Patches are LONGLASTING

Unlike embroidered patches, PVC does not lose its impact of color over time. The discoloration and fraying that naturally occur with embroidered patches will no longer be an issue for you if you make the switch to PVC.


PVC is fully customizable with unlimited options in design to help you get your statement across with greater impact. If you want a look that adds dimension to your patches; make the switch to PVC. You will no longer me limited to a one dimensional design because PVC offers 2D & 3D dimensions.

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Save yourself Time and Money in the long run... MAKE THE SWITCH TO PVC

darkfire airsoft pvc patch
I have a decently complex logo with green flames in the background. I ordered 2 inch patches from Linx and they made them as good as PVC patches can possibly get. They helped by creating multiple drafts for me until I was pleased with the digital file. Even having seen the digital creation, I was still surprised when I received the patches about how nice they were.
Eric Donato – DarkFire Airsoft