Christopher Tarzopoulos is the owner of AUTO MEDICS, a full a service automotive center. They provide various automotive services, in addition to having a brand exclusively dedicated to motocross. He came to us looking for a high-quality soft rubber label that could be applied to his custom line of motorcycle seats that will be entering the manufacturing stage shortly.

When Chris initially spoke to us he had sent over some preliminary artwork for us to review. After a couple of discussions, his design needs had changed a little, and we were more than happy to accommodate. When he sent us the final dimensions and artwork, we created the PVC representation artwork. Once he reviewed the design, production began shortly thereafter.

What came to be is a high-quality soft rubber PVC label with the AUTO MEDICS logo. The first thing you’ll notice about this piece is that the base layer (everything upon which the rest of the design is built) is in white. Everything above the base layer is located on the second level. There are two different colors being used – red and black. The A (red) and the M (black) have a very large presence on the piece, and both look great with the white background showing through. The next thing that you’ll notice is that the same color scheme is used for the words below, Auto Medics and Motocroos. Since both words in the company name are located below their initials, the portions under their respective initial are kept to the same color. Auto and Moto in red, Medics and Cross in black. This adds even more contrast to the design and looks great. The final aspect to note about this label is that it has a recessed area all the way around the perimeter of the piece – this is known as a sewing channel. It will allow for a need and thread to pass through more easily when applying it to the motorcycle seat.

This is a great example of a unique application that called for PVC labels due to their versatility, and strength.

About Chris and AUTO MEDICS

Chris loves the challenges of business and being self-employed. Currently, he is working on opening an 8,000 square foot cycle center.


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