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10 Instagram Photos that Will Make You Want to Make Your Own PVC Patches

Maybe you have toyed with the idea of making a PVC patch for your milsim team, or maybe you make gear made to last and you NEED to have these Cool PVC Patches. Why wouldn't you? Durable and Resistant, they are THE NEW STANDARD for Tactical Uniforms and Gear. Otherwise why would the DEA and [...]

Amazing Wingsuit Footage and Interview

Featured in this video is an interview voiced over some amazing footage from Wingsuit Champion Espen Fadnes. The interview talks about the evolution of BASE jumping along that of Wingsuiting. In addition, it also discusses Espen's transformation from being a Wingsuit hobbyist to a full time professional BASE jumper and Wingsuiter. Much of the footage [...]

Some Great Steps For Learning How To Packraft

Packrafts are small, inflatable, and ultra portable boats that can be carried by an individual person. Great for use in many outdoor activities, they provide a very versatile and flexible travel platform. This article written by Backpacking Light does a great job of explaining the steps necessary to ensure that you learn all the basics [...]

Here’s Some Interesting Insight Into Natural Night Vision

Have you often wondered what would help you to see better at night? I have occasionally, and thought this article does a great job of explaining some methods for honing / preserving one's nigh vision. The article explains some of the biology that takes place within humans allowing us to see at night (as much [...]

Great List of Necessities for Dirt Biking

If you're a fan of dirt biking, then you'll love this compilation of suggested gear. Not only does the list entail some recommendations for gear to have with you, but also items for maintaining your bike, and much more. The categories are broken down as such: Protection, Essentials, Optional, Maintenance, and Transportation. Not only is [...]

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Think A Triathlon Is Tough? Try This!

Take a look at this event called GORUCK Heavy.  It is an endurance event not for the faint of heart.  It lasts no less than 24 hours, and covers 35 miles! GORUCK sponsors this team building event that focuses on the group, not the individual.  Events include; Light, Challenge, Heavy, and Selection within the Good [...]

Got Fire – Incredible Match Kit

Have you ever had problems with matches getting wet, not being able to light, or any other technical difficulty? Or, do you just want to assure yourself that the matches you're carrying can endure anything you throw at 'em? Then look no further - to see a video and information on a match set that [...]

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PVC Patches 101

PVC Patches are slowly becoming one of the most popular Soft PVC products in our product line. They are so resistant, cool looking and the high versatility they bring, especially when compared to embroidered patches is rapidly making them a crowd's favorite. Being a new product is not easy: People must learn all about you [...]

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Elements of a PVC Patch

What is a PVC Patch? If we were in a room full of people and we were to ask the question: Who Know What a PVC Patch is? We could predict one of two things: A long silence Many guesses as answers The reality is PVC patches are a fairly new promotional item and not [...]

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Ordering PVC Products Online: 3 Steps To Accomplish Customer Satisfaction

One disadvantage of buying product online is basically the perception you may have of the result product. Does this mean that we are not going to buy online  or from online companies anymore? I don't think so. But it also is both the seller and the buyer's responsibility to make sure the final product is [...]