The process of choosing the right company to partner with you in producing your PVC products is an important one.

When you think about a manufacturer, sometimes what you are really looking for is  a supplier. Someone who will handle the manufacturing dynamic for you and get you the product that you want created.   Your Supplier is just that.  You tell them what you need and the supplier supplies it.

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Your Supplier is Your Partner:  Basically, you and your supplier will need to work together to make something happen for you.

This is where we come in.  The ultimate goal is to walk you through all of the variables or factors involved in the production your custom made product. We work with you and help you  find the right product utilizing our years of expertise in what we produce.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Company

  • Value for money:  This is definitely not the same as going with the cheapest supplier.  Nothing good will come out of a cheap low quality product unless a cheap low quality product is what you want.   It’s really important to find the right balance between quality and price.   When you are comparing pricing between one supplier to another, you need to be very careful to notice if you are actually being quoted for the same quality product.    Just make sure what you ultimately choose is the right match for you.
  • Flexibility:  How many do you need?  What if I have a change I need made to my artwork?  Will they work with me?  It’s important to know if you are working with a company that puts the needs of the customers as their main priority.
  • Reliability: Consistent quality and reliable timelines are key. A customer service based supplier recognizes you need to run a profitable business. They know that you need to get the product when you were told, at the quality you were promised.
  • Service:  The best suppliers will keep a strong line of communication going with you.  This will include any unforeseen events that can affect on-time delivery of your order.
  • Stability:   How long have they been in business?   It is smart to make sure your supplier is here to stay.   No one wants to spend the time establishing a working relationship with a company just to have to start over again every few months.    Look for a company with longevity and realize that there are many small upstart suppliers that only last a few months.

 Making your Choice

This should be easy for you once you’ve thought through all of the factors.    Communication is your best tool.   If you have questions about a company, then give them a call and get answers to your questions.   Not everything can be determined by the price quote alone; and again, not all PVC is created equal.  So, know your expectations, communicate them with the supplier and find out if you are a good fit.

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