Our customer from Humboldt Clothing Company recently came to us wanting a PVC Keychain made. They got the idea of turning some artwork they had already had for a different project into a design for a keychain. What they were seeking was a double-sided keychain that had their company logo on the front (more intricate design)t, and a tree on the back.

Taking a look to the left, the first thing you’ll notice about this Keychain is the thickness. The total thickness of this piece is 5mm broken down into two parts – each of the designs are 1mm thick, while the PVC “base layer” (light green outline) is 3mm. This makes for a very durable and long-lasting keychain, and very aesthetically pleasing design.

The second layer of this design is going to be camo-like coloring of the foliage – there’s black, dark green, and brown.  The final and third layer of the design is going to be the white letters Humboldt and a tree in place of the L. The colors used on this layer are white for the letters, light camo green, and a darker camo green. All of these colors contrast very nicely giving it an earthy look that blends in well with the other colors used throughout the keychain.

Taking a look at the back of this design is going to be the tree. On the second layer of this design is going to be the shadow/outline of the the tree in black. On the third layer is the main portion of the tree which is brown while the leaf representation are in a lighter camo green.

Humboldt Clothing Keychain BackThe final aspect that makes this PVC Keychain complete is going to be the circular cut-out at the top of this piece where a Jump Ring is attached. From there, a Split-Ring is applied to make the keychain complete.

This project really shows the versatility that can be accomplished with a PVC Keychain, or any other PVC product that we offer.

Who is Humboldt Clothing Company?

Humboldt Clothing is based in Northern California and has two locations: 1) Eureka CA, 2) Arkata CA. They offer a multitude of clothing products and accessories in their two retail locations, as well as online. All of their products and designs are meant to embody the spirit of Humboldt area.

Visit their Website Below