What is a PVC Patch?


If we were in a room full of people and we were to ask the question:

Who Know What a PVC Patch is?

We could predict one of two things:

  1. A long silence
  2. Many guesses as answers

The reality is PVC patches are a fairly new promotional item and not many people are familiar with them.

Besides the technical term PVC is often times associated with a hard material use for piping.

In all fairness, the most accurate technical term for this products is Soft PVC Patches (or Soft Rubber Patches) which helps illustrate it in a more visual manner.

What Are The Basic Elements Of A Soft PVC Patch?

  • Number of Colors. FREE PMS Color Matching is available.
  • Number of Layers: Available for both 2D and 3D PVC patches.
  • Base Color: Choose from PMS Colors.
  • Border Color: Same or different as the base color
  • Design Style: Choose from 2D (Flat Layers) or 3D (Bubbly, curved top of layer)
  • Backing Style: Choose from None, Velcro or Adhesive Backing.
  • Shape: Common shapes as well as custom die-cut shapes are available at no extra cost.

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What Are The Backing Options?

You can have your PVC patches made with:
No Backing: the basic option.
Velcro Backing: Choose from one or two Velcro ™ sides.
Adhesive Backing: We use strong 3M adhesive

What Are the Design Options?

Your patches can be made as either:
Two-Dimensional: 2D Patches have all layers as flat layers.
Three-Dimensional: 3D Patches have some layers with a concave, rounded profile.

I Don’t Know Which Is The Right Combination For My Patches

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