This customer, Geddons Games, is well known within the airsoft community and has a mascot, Geddon, which had some medical needs. Since the medical costs of caring for the goat were becoming more than nominal, and Geddon has a big fan base within the regional airsoft community, our client wanted a novel way to help raise medical funds for the ‘tactical goat.’

Our customer contacted us and expressed their desire to create a very unique patch that would be designed specifically for the fund raising activities. They handed us the basic concept (artwork of design) for what they wanted, and our expert team created the final product seen to the left.

This is a 3D soft rubber PVC Patch with a Velcro backing. What makes it 3D, and not just 2D, is the fact that the goat head along with the medical crests to the left and right have a rounded/convex look.

Geddons Games is the largest producer of Airsoft games in Texas. Take a look at their website and FaceBook page.