Not only for manufacturers of outdoor gear, but for many medium size businesses catering life in the outdoors, trying to establish their brand in their market and expand their reach, PVC patches are the ideal solution.

For a shop testing the markets branding their vests, jackets, hats, backpacks and other items that will be exposed to inclement weather and extreme conditions, PVC patches or labels with PVCEmblems are the right solution: at only 100 pieces minimum order, and the ability of creating a second set with different colors at an incredible price, Soft PVC products ARE THE SOLUTION.

Their logo translated beautifully and the multi-level design makes them look that much cooler without losing its rugged look. Its velcro backing allows the patch to be removed with ease.

It is great to create products that make the cut and deliver a high quality end product that will last forever and maybe be a token of an amazing experience such as those lived at the Cross C Ranch in Wyoming.

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