Our good customers fom Bayou Bettie sent us this design to make into a PVC Keychain, they requested to be as small as their logo design allowed us to go.

Bayou Bettie
Customer’s Logo. Notice the gradient on the light.

When we look at this design with “PVC EYES” the first detail that pops into our minds is: “That gradient cannot be done as-is”, which it is not something we like to tell our customers.

In this case we have to do what we call it “Dream Killing”, which we try not to do but sometimes is just unavoidable.

Then it is time to explain to our customer that PVC’s colors are solid colors, unlike printing, where the ink allows you to create that gradient effect.

Every time we deal with a design that is not quite “PVC Ready” we hope our customer is a flexible one and that the many advantages of using PVC are important enough as to keep going with the project, instead of dropping it completely and going with a cheesy plastic keychain.

Well, sometimes our customers do make us proud and they show flexiblilty enough with their design and with just as slight modification we could successfully turn it into a very attractive, PVC Keychain, as seen here:

Bayou Bette PVC Keychain

pvc keychain

We love the way it turned out, the layering of PVC gives them a great look and feel, we could even capture the nice swirls on the top of the logo!

To us this demonstrates that not because we are using modern materials, we have to lose the traditional or classic feel of your company’s logo and branding.

Now if our customers were really sold on having their logo printed on the PVC, then we would have shown them examples of our recent success with screen printing on PVC.