Awesome 3D PVC Morale Patches: ItsTactical

There is nothing more rewarding than working with a highly organized company that knows exactly what they want. And ItsTactical is one of them.
Their PVC Patches are some of the coolest pieces we have worked on.

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Where We’re Going / We Don’t Need Roads

The request from ItsTactical clearly stated they wanted the patch in the shape of a wheel, and for it to look like a wax seal, which could only be done by making it a 3D piece:
  • Skull in the center of the patch
  • Dripping / scalloped border
  • Rounded wheel elements
Social Media Shares: Facebook: 970 / Twitter: 15 / Pinterest: 37 / Google+: 7 1,029 times You can purchase this patch here 

Bleeding Arm

Following the 3D trend, this time they  wanted the patch to have most of the elements as 3-dimensional:
  • Arm
  • Arm Tattoo
  • Blood Drops
  • Dagger
Social Media Shares: Facebook: 516 / Twitter: 6 / Pinterest: 0 / Google+: 5 527 times You can purchase this patch here 

Prevail: Come and Take it PVC Patch

A PVC Flag with a mix of both 2D and 3D elements:
  • Black border to be at the same visual level as the white background
  • “Come and Take It” to be a raised 2D Element
  • 3D Black cannon, to make it pop. text on top of cannon to wrap around it in a 3D effect
Social Media Shares: Facebook: 454 / Twitter: 9 / Pinterest: 0 / Google+: 9 472 times You can purchase this patch here

Morale Patches has been such a success, even in the Social Media World!.

Combined, they have been shared 2,028 times in the main social media websites. (as of November 20th 2014)

The result is stunning, powerful, awesome, UNIQUE.

And that is the best quality of a PVC Patch. Once you go thru the practical details: resistant, durable, fade proof, bye bye to threads getting tangled up into everything…

The freedom of creation, the ability of creating your own industrial-looking patch, with the help of layering 3D and 2D elements.

Things that are just not possible with standard, classic embroidered patches, which have their place and time (and it is not in the field).
That is a lot.

Shares are not purchases but they do equal to desires, branding and exposure. We really hope the sales of this patch at are doing as well as their social media popularity.

In this video showcase you can see other products we have made for all sort of customers.

We are not limited to the military, instead, we also do a lot of work for entrepreneurs, business owners, police and fire departments, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), sport teams, events, Martial Arts Schools among other kind of clients.

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