What is a Shoe Charm?

Shoe charms have gained in popularity right alongside the Croc line of shoes.   Kids and grown ups alike have been buying charms to wear on their Croc shoes to show their personalities and companies have started designing sets of charms to sell.   These soft PVC pins are full color, 3-D, PVC.  As you can see by the images, the options are limitless.

If you are interested in designing a set for your company to promote and sell; please give us a call!  They are a great give-away for a special events like a 5K, charitable walk or fundraiser, or even a corporate health fair event.  It’s just one more great option on the long list of marketing and promotional items we can help you design.

Contact us so that we can help you put together a set of fun designs to add to your line of products.

PVC Lapel style pins

Shoe Charm or Lapel Pin (pictured here). All great PVC can come in very small packages