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Custom PVC Products design and examples. PVC Emblems has years of experience in crafting the most exquisite, and unique patches on the market place. Here you will learn more about the process of creating a patch, some design aspects. as well as some customer examples of patches and their corresponding artwork.

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  • Flinthill Tactical Patch

PVC Labels for Tactical Gear

If you are seeking an impressive way to brand your Tactical Gear; and durability, impact and impression mean something to you, then you need to look no further and jump on board the switch to PVC Labels. They are much more than just a label, they are a stand alone statement promoting the ruggedness of [...]

  • Patch_PVC-FuerzaEspecial-1

PVC Patches for International

We may be located in the United States of America, but our customers have a global footprint. From Mexico to Canada, from Venezuela to Europe, our customers are Internationally recognized and come to us for the quality of the products we create. One of the most popular types of patches we create for our International [...]

Professional Soccer Team Souvenirs

Professional Soccer Team in Sacramento, CA We recently created two key-chains for one of California's top professional soccer teams located in Sacramento, CA.   Sacramento Republic FC has marketed their brand well and offer a wide variety of merchandise and souvenirs to raise money for their league.  These two soft PVC keychains are [...]

Airsoft Event Producers – Geddons Games

Take a look at this unique soft PVC Patch, designed by Geddon's Games, located in Texas.  This is a 3-Dimensional design utilizing 5 colors.  If you take a close look at the charcoal color on the horns, you can see what qualifies this a 3-dimensional design.  The rounded element to the horns gives [...]

  • itstactical-pvc-morale-patch-wheel-2

Are Your PVC Morale Patches This Popular?

Awesome 3D PVC Morale Patches: ItsTactical There is nothing more rewarding than working with a highly organized company that knows exactly what they want. And ItsTactical is one of them. Their PVC Patches are some of the coolest pieces we have worked on. Where We're Going / We Don't Need Roads [...]

  • sportsmoke-screenshot
  • sport_smoke_patch_2_copy-customer1
  • Sportsmoke PVC

PVC Patches with Velcro Backing for SportSmoke

Based in New Jersey, SportSmoke is a leader in  smoke grenades and related accessories, 100% Made in America. Their product selection includes Smoke Grenade, pouches, ignition systems and more. The Project When they contacted us, they new exactly what they wanted, which was great!  A Recntagular 3" Velcro Backed PVC Patch. The Problem But the [...]

  • Wyoming Outdoor Patch

Outdoor Gear – Cross C Ranch Hunting PVC Patch

Not only for manufacturers of outdoor gear, but for many medium size businesses catering life in the outdoors, trying to establish their brand in their market and expand their reach, PVC patches are the ideal solution. For a shop testing the markets branding their vests, jackets, hats, backpacks and other items that will be exposed [...]

  • pvc keychain

A PVC Keychain from a Logo with a Gradient

Our good customers fom Bayou Bettie sent us this design to make into a PVC Keychain, they requested to be as small as their logo design allowed us to go. Customer's Logo. Notice the gradient on the light. When we look at this design with "PVC EYES" the first detail that pops into [...]

  • Homeland Security Patch

US Department of State – Jordan – PVC Patch

This PVC patch is a great example of not only how one o our most popular designs translate into a PVC product but also of how our customers take advantage of the ability of creating a completely different look for their PVC patches to coordinate with their uniforms, both Full Color and subdued version have [...]

  • MUROC-EOD-PVC-Morale-Patch

Explosive Ordinance Team Creates Unique PVC Morale Patch

A member of the US armed services came to us wanting to create a very unique and noteworthy morale patch for him and his team members. They are members of an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Team that are soon deploying oversees. Before going to production with the patch, we took some existing design concepts they [...]