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Custom PVC Products design and examples. PVC Emblems has years of experience in crafting the most exquisite, and unique patches on the market place. Here you will learn more about the process of creating a patch, some design aspects. as well as some customer examples of patches and their corresponding artwork.

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  • pvc-patch-ems-goat

Great Fundraiser Patch for Airsoft ‘Tactical Goat!’

This customer, Geddons Games, is well known within the airsoft community and has a mascot, Geddon, which had some medical needs. Since the medical costs of caring for the goat were becoming more than nominal, and Geddon has a big fan base within the regional airsoft community, our client wanted a novel way to help [...]

  • Marine Concepts Custom Soft Rubber PVC Label

Innovative Boat Cover Uses Large PVC Labels For Branding

One of our customers devised a unique solution to a problem that many boat owners today have faced – not being able to cover their boat in an timely fashion. Not only was it hard to cover a boat before, but it made the entire process of cleaning and storing boats that much more inconvenient. [...]

  • PVC Patch - Spectrum Group Training - Angle View

Spectrum Group Training | Custom 3D PVC Patches

For those occasions where you want to give your PVC patch a little extra "something", 3D comes to the rescue! Just by adding a three-dimensional element to this patch, it becomes in something more substantial, without changing anything design-wise, it just happens. BTW This design is a good example of big, bold, simple but intricate... [...]

  • pvc-labels-snugtheory

PVC Labels for Weather-Resistant Baby Items

3 Months ago we were approached by our customer from SnugTheory, who was looking for silicone or PVC labels for baby items. The first thing that might come to mind to some would be: PVC Labels FOR baby items? Aren't they a little bit thick/bulky for a baby product? Not for this one. Our customers [...]

  • pvc-patch-desert-acu-swat1

Custom Military Patches: Desert ACU & S.W.A.T. PVC

More and more uniform suppliers for the military are choosing PVC Patches as their preferred branding method for their products.   PVC Patches, Why ? Resistance, Durability, High Amount of Details, to mention a few qualities of PVC materials. Did you ever have an embroidered patch made, only to realize that some of your design's [...]

  • custom-law-enforcement-patches-group

Custom Patches For Law Enforcement Agencies

Every law enforcement agency in the United States has a special emblem and patch on their uniform to identify their location (state, city, county, etc.), jurisdiction, rank, and often to emphasize a particular honor or a fallen comrade. These patches are suitable and necessary for city police, county sheriffs, SWAT teams, highway patrol officers, ATF [...]

  • military2

Custom Military Patches: Why PVC?

Military gear has come a long way in recent times, and one of the greatest new innovations is PVC patches. PVC patches are made of Polyvinyl chloride, and have tremendous benefits over other cloth or woven patches.