3D PVC Products: Patches, Labels, Keychains

Real-world examples of 3d PVC products we’ve made and how awesome they look.

  • PVC Morale Patches
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  • 2D PVC Patch - Neptune - Angle View
  • PVC Patch Wolfpack - Bravo 1-1 Attack

PVC Morale Patches To Inspire and Motivate

Morale patches are often given to military personnel to help inspire, build morale and motivate. They may also be given to employees, members of civic organizations, sports teams and even students for the same reason. PVC morale patches are made from a soft and pliable plastic called Polyvinyl chloride. They can be manufactured in any [...]

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The WOW Factor…3-D PVC

    "3-D - An object that has height, width & depth"   The creative process of design and art are completely changed when you think in 3-Dimensions.  There are a multitude of possibilities once you consider utilizing a 3D mold.   To showcase the look of 3D with PVC, we chose these two patches. An [...]

  • GlowInTheDark-PVC-Patches

Custom Glow in the Dark PVC Patches

For those occassions where you need your jackets, bags or hats to stand out in the dark, Glow in the Dark pigment PVC is there to the rescue! Specials Ops, Search and Rescue companies' uniforms will work great. Available in a greenish-white color, GID PVC will be charged by exposing it to bright light. The [...]

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Absolute American FireArms PVC patch

Amazing customer service and amazing product! Carlos Casados   Our customers at Absolute American Firearms wanted a custom PVC patch, but not a simple one, they wanted one that want that would wrap around the design (skull and letters) on a white background.   Neat ha? This logo is so awesome, we HAD TO make [...]

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Custom Lacrosse Ball Stops

We got to admit not knowing much about lacrosse, but we certainly know a lot about custom PVC products, and it seems that there is a need for ball stops on lacrosse sticks, and soft PVC is a great material to use on them. A 1 in pvc label with an adhesive backing [...]

Top Posts of 2016

When we look back at 2016, there are certain posts that just standout among our readers, and the beauty is, these posts are timeless, they will help you today as well as yesterday. PVC Morale Patches To Inspire and Motivate The WOW Factor:3-D PVC 11 Great Custom American Flag PVC Patches + Company Logos PVC [...]

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11 Great Custom American Flag PVC Patches + Company Logos

What is better than PVC patches with your company logo? American Flag PVC patches with your company logo. Why? A flag patch with your company's logo is one of the best ways to show your company's support for our country. It is by far our most requested design and size combination, and it is truly [...]

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3D PVC at it’s Best

PVC is a waterproof and weather resistant material that takes PVC to the next level.  This patch is a great example of the depth in design you can create with 3D PVC. They are the best alternative for outdoor gear or military and clubs to the embroidered patch and have quickly become the most popular [...]

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Are Your PVC Morale Patches This Popular?

Awesome 3D PVC Morale Patches: ItsTactical There is nothing more rewarding than working with a highly organized company that knows exactly what they want. And ItsTactical is one of them. Their PVC Patches are some of the coolest pieces we have worked on. Where We're Going / We Don't Need Roads [...]

  • MUROC-EOD-PVC-Morale-Patch

Explosive Ordinance Team Creates Unique PVC Morale Patch

A member of the US armed services came to us wanting to create a very unique and noteworthy morale patch for him and his team members. They are members of an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Team that are soon deploying oversees. Before going to production with the patch, we took some existing design concepts they [...]