Custom Airsoft Patches

Custom airsoft patches design and examples. PVC Emblems has years of experience in crafting the most kick-ass, and unique patches on the market place. Here you will learn more about the process of creating a patch, some design aspects. as well as some customer examples of patches and their corresponding artwork.
With very low minimums for the industry (only 100 pieces – can be color-split) you can get your 2D or 3D patches done in as soon as 3 weeks.

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  • GlowInTheDark-PVC-Patches

Custom Glow in the Dark PVC Patches

For those occassions where you need your jackets, bags or hats to stand out in the dark, Glow in the Dark pigment PVC is there to the rescue! Specials Ops, Search and Rescue companies' uniforms will work great. Available in a greenish-white color, GID PVC will be charged by exposing it to bright light. The [...]

  • flag-patches

11 Great Custom American Flag PVC Patches + Company Logos

What is better than PVC patches with your company logo? American Flag PVC patches with your company logo. Why? A flag patch with your company's logo is one of the best ways to show your company's support for our country. It is by far our most requested design and size combination, and it is truly [...]

  • PVC-patch-airsoft-center-mass-airsoft-GREEN

Maker of Airsoft PVC Patches for a Massachusetts Airsoft Field

Center Mass Airsoft enjoys the outdoors and the adrenaline rush of simulated combat. If it has anything to do with Airsoft, this team will like it. Based in Kansas City, CMA helps maintain a field right within city limits! And though the team loves playing in the 30 acres of forests they've made their Airsoft [...]

  • WED_6739

3D PVC at it’s Best

PVC is a waterproof and weather resistant material that takes PVC to the next level.  This patch is a great example of the depth in design you can create with 3D PVC. They are the best alternative for outdoor gear or military and clubs to the embroidered patch and have quickly become the most popular [...]

Airsoft Event Producers – Geddons Games

Take a look at this unique soft PVC Patch, designed by Geddon's Games, located in Texas.  This is a 3-Dimensional design utilizing 5 colors.  If you take a close look at the charcoal color on the horns, you can see what qualifies this a 3-dimensional design.  The rounded element to the horns gives [...]

  • pvc-patch-ems-goat

Great Fundraiser Patch for Airsoft ‘Tactical Goat!’

This customer, Geddons Games, is well known within the airsoft community and has a mascot, Geddon, which had some medical needs. Since the medical costs of caring for the goat were becoming more than nominal, and Geddon has a big fan base within the regional airsoft community, our client wanted a novel way to help [...]

  • Logo

2D PVC Patches: Crypsis

Pretty cool Soft PVC Patch made for our customer @ A great example of what can be done in terms of creating a multi-dimensional look using a 2D mold and with the aid of layers. The bottom black layer, which includes a sewing channel for ease of attachment, supports the entire patch. The gray [...]