See how our customers are using custom PVC products to brand their products.

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Custom Soft Rubber Labels for Our K9 Friends

Are you the parent of a furry baby in Florida? Meet our amazing customers from The Refined K9 founded their company based on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect.

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Sit at The Cool Table with PVC Labels

We talk about successful branding campaigns constantly using PVC labels; trying to convince those who are not so sure of the concept of branding, that it works.  Well, instead of all the talk - how about you take a look at a branding success story?  One of our favorite customers, and one we are excited [...]

  • WED_7375

Team Rubicon – Bridging the Gap

If you haven't heard of Team Rubicon, it's time you do and I hope you take time to visit their website after you read just a brief description of this amazing organization. Team Rubicon is  an International non-profit disaster response organization that takes two of our most experienced units of support and unites them.  It's [...]

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  • Sportsmoke PVC

Custom Patches with Velcro Backing for SportSmoke

Based in New Jersey, SportSmoke is a leader in  smoke grenades and related accessories, 100% Made in America. Their product selection includes Smoke Grenade, pouches, ignition systems and more. The Project When they contacted us, they new exactly what they wanted, which was great!  A Recntagular 3" Velcro Backed PVC Patch. The Problem But the [...]

  • Wyoming Outdoor Patch

Outdoor Gear – Cross C Ranch Hunting PVC Patch

Not only for manufacturers of outdoor gear, but for many medium size businesses catering life in the outdoors, trying to establish their brand in their market and expand their reach, PVC patches are the ideal solution. For a shop testing the markets branding their vests, jackets, hats, backpacks and other items that will be exposed [...]

  • pvc keychain

A PVC Keychain from a Logo with a Gradient

Our good customers fom Bayou Bettie sent us this design to make into a PVC Keychain, they requested to be as small as their logo design allowed us to go. Customer's Logo. Notice the gradient on the light. When we look at this design with "PVC EYES" the first detail that pops into [...]

  • Marine Concepts Custom Soft Rubber PVC Label

Innovative Boat Cover Uses Large PVC Labels For Branding

One of our customers devised a unique solution to a problem that many boat owners today have faced – not being able to cover their boat in an timely fashion. Not only was it hard to cover a boat before, but it made the entire process of cleaning and storing boats that much more inconvenient. [...]

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PVC Labels for Weather-Resistant Baby Items

3 Months ago we were approached by our customer from SnugTheory, who was looking for silicone or PVC labels for baby items. The first thing that might come to mind to some would be: PVC Labels FOR baby items? Aren't they a little bit thick/bulky for a baby product? Not for this one. Our customers [...]