Custom PVC Labels

Custom PVC label design and examples. PVC Emblems has years of experience in crafting the most exquisite, and unique labels on the market place. Here you will learn more about the process of creating a label, some design aspects. as well as some customer examples of labels and their corresponding artwork.
With very low minimums for the industry (only 100 pieces – can be color-split) you can get your 2D or 3D labels done in as soon as 3 weeks.

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  • pvc-ball-stop-lorne-smith-lacrosse

Custom Lacrosse Ball Stops

We got to admit not knowing much about lacrosse, but we certainly know a lot about custom PVC products, and it seems that there is a need for ball stops on lacrosse sticks, and soft PVC is a great material to use on them. A 1 in pvc label with an adhesive backing [...]

  • pvc-label-the-refined-k9

Custom Soft Rubber Labels for Our K9 Friends

Are you the parent of a furry baby in Florida? Meet our amazing customers from The Refined K9 founded their company based on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect.

  • pvc-patches-31

Sit at The Cool Table with PVC Labels

We talk about successful branding campaigns constantly using PVC labels; trying to convince those who are not so sure of the concept of branding, that it works.  Well, instead of all the talk - how about you take a look at a branding success story?  One of our favorite customers, and one we are excited [...]

  • WED_7382-002

Shoe Charms are All the Rage!

What is a Shoe Charm? Shoe charms have gained in popularity right alongside the Croc line of shoes.   Kids and grown ups alike have been buying charms to wear on their Croc shoes to show their personalities and companies have started designing sets of charms to sell.   These soft PVC pins are full [...]

  • Luggage Tags and PVC

PVC Luggage Tags

LUGGAGE TAGS The design possibilities with soft PVC are endless.  There are none of the limitations that traditional luggage tags have.  Gone are the strict rules of business card shaped tags, and born are the unique shaped and creative tags of the future. Without the limitations PVC offers, consider making custom shapes, colors and dimensions [...]

  • WED_5855

All Things are Possible with Printed PVC!

The Perfect Combination With the rise in popularity for Soft PVC Patches hitting the marketplace; it's understandable that it was time to take designs in PVC to the next level.   With the offering now of Printed PVC to accompany the 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional options, Printed PVC makes sure that absolutely anything you can dream up [...]

  • Hinderer Knives

Featuring – Hinderer Knives PVC Patch Design

Our Customer Knife collecting is an extremely popular thing to do within the community of survivalists, hunters, fisherman and ourdoorsman.   With that said, we are thrilled to partner with one of the most popular and sought after craftsman, Rick Hinderer, in the industry of Knive Craftsman. He began his knife making journey making art knives [...]

  • Flinthill Tactical Patch

PVC Labels for Tactical Gear

If you are seeking an impressive way to brand your Tactical Gear; and durability, impact and impression mean something to you, then you need to look no further and jump on board the switch to PVC Labels. They are much more than just a label, they are a stand alone statement promoting the ruggedness of [...]

  • Wyoming Outdoor Patch

Outdoor Gear – Cross C Ranch Hunting PVC Patch

Not only for manufacturers of outdoor gear, but for many medium size businesses catering life in the outdoors, trying to establish their brand in their market and expand their reach, PVC patches are the ideal solution. For a shop testing the markets branding their vests, jackets, hats, backpacks and other items that will be exposed [...]

  • AUTO MEDICS - soft rubber PVC Label Case Study

AUTO MEDICS – PVC Label Case Study

Christopher Tarzopoulos is the owner of AUTO MEDICS, a full a service automotive center. They provide various automotive services, in addition to having a brand exclusively dedicated to motocross. He came to us looking for a high-quality soft rubber label that could be applied to his custom line of motorcycle seats that will be entering [...]