Custom PVC Velcro Patches

Velcro is by far the easiest way to attach your PVC patches to your jackets, vests, hats or backpacks.

  • Hinderer Knives

Featuring – Hinderer Knives PVC Patch Design

Our Customer Knife collecting is an extremely popular thing to do within the community of survivalists, hunters, fisherman and ourdoorsman.   With that said, we are thrilled to partner with one of the most popular and sought after craftsman, Rick Hinderer, in the industry of Knive Craftsman. He began his knife making journey making art knives [...]

  • PVC Patch - Spectrum Group Training - Angle View

Spectrum Group Training – Custom PVC Patches

For those occasions where you want to give your PVC patch a little extra "something", 3D comes to the rescue! Just by adding a three-dimensional element to this patch, it becomes in something more substantial, without changing anything design-wise, it just happens. BTW This design is a good example of big, bold, simple but intricate... [...]

  • pvc velcro patches

Custom PVC Velcro Patches: Lock n Load

A great example of a pvc patch with velcro backing: the design was awesome, and the execution too: All the details were achieved as our customer expected; the velcro backing gives it the flexibility of removing it according to the occasion, plus removing it before washing the item gives it a longer shelf life. PVC [...]