Tactical PVC Products

Tactical gear and uniforms are by far the most popular application for our amazing PVC products.

Take a peek at what we have created for so many other customers like you!

  • Hinderer Knives

Featuring – Hinderer Knives PVC Patch Design

Our Customer Knife collecting is an extremely popular thing to do within the community of survivalists, hunters, fisherman and ourdoorsman.   With that said, we are thrilled to partner with one of the most popular and sought after craftsman, Rick Hinderer, in the industry of Knive Craftsman. He began his knife making journey making art knives [...]

  • Flinthill Tactical Patch

PVC Labels for Tactical Gear

If you are seeking an impressive way to brand your Tactical Gear; and durability, impact and impression mean something to you, then you need to look no further and jump on board the switch to PVC Labels. They are much more than just a label, they are a stand alone statement promoting the ruggedness of [...]

10 Instagram Photos that Will Make You Want to Make Your Own PVC Patches

Maybe you have toyed with the idea of making a PVC patch for your milsim team, or maybe you make gear made to last and you NEED to have these Cool PVC Patches. Why wouldn't you? Durable and Resistant, they are THE NEW STANDARD for Tactical Uniforms and Gear. Otherwise why would the DEA and [...]

  • itstactical-pvc-morale-patch-wheel-2

Are Your PVC Morale Patches This Popular?

Awesome 3D PVC Morale Patches: ItsTactical There is nothing more rewarding than working with a highly organized company that knows exactly what they want. And ItsTactical is one of them. Their PVC Patches are some of the coolest pieces we have worked on. Where We're Going / We Don't Need Roads [...]

  • sportsmoke-screenshot
  • sport_smoke_patch_2_copy-customer1
  • Sportsmoke PVC

PVC Patches with Velcro Backing for SportSmoke

Based in New Jersey, SportSmoke is a leader in  smoke grenades and related accessories, 100% Made in America. Their product selection includes Smoke Grenade, pouches, ignition systems and more. The Project When they contacted us, they new exactly what they wanted, which was great!  A Recntagular 3" Velcro Backed PVC Patch. The Problem But the [...]

  • MAC-Tactical-2D-PVC-Patch

MAC Tactical – PVC Patch Case Study

Mark Cook is the owner of MAC Tactical. Their mission is to provide top quality Firearms, Accessories, Service, and training to their customers. Mark contacted us originally because he was looking for a cost effective way to get his company name out there. When he initially spoke to us, he saw a patch that gave [...]

  • pvc-patch-rivers-edge-tactical

Gun Store Promotes Brand With 3D PVC Patches

Rivers Edge Tactical is a firearms store as well as firearms training and safety business. They are "dedicated to providing customers with real life training, equipment, and clothing for all needs that may arise."

  • Chris Kyle PVC Patch

American Hero Commemorative PVC Patch

Our customer came to us wanting to create a unique PVC patch commemorating an American Hero, Chris Kyle. He did great things for a country and his community. Members of a charitable organization held in his name gave us the initial design and asked that we create a high-quality piece to be sold for this [...]

  • pvc-patch-ems-goat

Great Fundraiser Patch for Airsoft ‘Tactical Goat!’

This customer, Geddons Games, is well known within the airsoft community and has a mascot, Geddon, which had some medical needs. Since the medical costs of caring for the goat were becoming more than nominal, and Geddon has a big fan base within the regional airsoft community, our client wanted a novel way to help [...]

Here’s Some Interesting Insight Into Natural Night Vision

Have you often wondered what would help you to see better at night? I have occasionally, and thought this article does a great job of explaining some methods for honing / preserving one's nigh vision. The article explains some of the biology that takes place within humans allowing us to see at night (as much [...]