Your team’s uniforms are not made for an office. They should be ready to resist any event your employees will be facing. PVC will help them do just that.

  • PVC Morale Patches
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PVC Morale Patches To Inspire and Motivate

Morale patches are often given to military personnel to help inspire, build morale and motivate. They may also be given to employees, members of civic organizations, sports teams and even students for the same reason. PVC morale patches are made from a soft and pliable plastic called Polyvinyl chloride. They can be manufactured in any [...]

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PVC Sports Patches – Be a Real Team Player!

If you want your sports team to really stand out in the crowd, then you need a symbol that can identify all of you as proud members. Due to their durability and versatility, PVC patches are a great option for sports teams.

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Custom Soft Rubber Labels for Our K9 Friends

Are you the parent of a furry baby in Florida? Meet our amazing customers from The Refined K9 founded their company based on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect.

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PVC Badges for Security Services

Your team's uniforms are not made for an office. They should be ready to resist any event your employees will be facing. PVC will help them do just that. No threads to unravel, there is no need to be careful PVC will resist almost anything. So go ahead and join the many security companies and [...]

10 Instagram Photos that Will Make You Want to Make Your Own PVC Patches

Maybe you have toyed with the idea of making a PVC patch for your milsim team, or maybe you make gear made to last and you NEED to have these Cool PVC Patches. Why wouldn't you? Durable and Resistant, they are THE NEW STANDARD for Tactical Uniforms and Gear. Otherwise why would the DEA and [...]

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PVC Patches for International

We may be located in the United States of America, but our customers have a global footprint. From Mexico to Canada, from Venezuela to Europe, our customers are Internationally recognized and come to us for the quality of the products we create. One of the most popular types of patches we create for our International [...]

  • Homeland Security Patch

US Department of State – Jordan – PVC Patch

This PVC patch is a great example of not only how one o our most popular designs translate into a PVC product but also of how our customers take advantage of the ability of creating a completely different look for their PVC patches to coordinate with their uniforms, both Full Color and subdued version have [...]

  • Chris Kyle PVC Patch

American Hero Commemorative PVC Patch

Our customer came to us wanting to create a unique PVC patch commemorating an American Hero, Chris Kyle. He did great things for a country and his community. Members of a charitable organization held in his name gave us the initial design and asked that we create a high-quality piece to be sold for this [...]

  • PVC Morale Patches - Unit Patches

Military Unit PVC Patches – SQ Crew

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. We think this {PVC Morale Patch} piece came out awesome. Not sure if PVC will work for your Unit Patch? Go ahead and read about our PVC Morale Patches, or give us a call. Call us Now | 866 611 6164

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Military PVC Patches: Desert ACU & S.W.A.T.

More and more uniform suppliers for the military are choosing PVC Patches as their preferred branding method for their products.   PVC Patches, Why ? Resistance, Durability, High Amount of Details, to mention a few qualities of PVC materials. Did you ever have an embroidered patch made, only to realize that some of your design's [...]