If you haven’t heard of Team Rubicon, it’s time you do and I hope you take time to visit their website after you read just a brief description of this amazing organization.

Team Rubicon is  an International non-profit disaster response organization that takes two of our most experienced units of support and unites them.  It’s a union of our Military Veterans and our First Responders.  They unite and bring their skills and experiences together to rapidly deploy disaster response teams.   These volunteers work free of charge  and tirelessly with the communities affected by disasters across the country.    Team Rubicon currently has 25,000 volunteers they are able to deploy throughout the United States.

Team Rubicon Volunteers
Team Rubicon San Diego


We are honored to be their trusted suppliers of these PVC Patches.   Using PVC was a no brainer for this type of organization because they needed more than just a high quality product, but they need branding that can withstand just about any environment or situation these volunteers are placed in.

velcro backing team rubicon patch
Team rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams