“3-D – An object that has height, width & depth”



The creative process of design and art are completely changed when you think in 3-Dimensions.  There are a multitude of possibilities once you consider utilizing a 3D mold.   To showcase the look of 3D with PVC, we chose these two patches.

An arrow is just an arrow until you see it morph out of the PVC into its 3 Dimensional shape.

The simple design of the arrow turns into a STRONG PIECE of art with 3-D.



When you are not restricted by a flat surface, you can truly capture emotion and a sense of feeling in your designs.   The sense of this animal leaping off the patch wouldn’t exist without the dimension of 3D-PVC.

More and more are using 3-D as their design platform.   If you are on the fence in considering the type of patch you want to design.   Just take a look at these simple designs and look at what dimension added to their value.