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square pvc keychain 3d keychain - printed on back real estate custom shape keychain 2 sided molded pvc keychain keychain options

Custom Rubber Keychains – Make Your Logo Really Stand Out!

Custom Rubber Keychains are not only soft, bendable, waterproof and long lasting but also they allow 3D design as they are die-made using layers.

Thanks to the Soft Rubber PVC Material a high degree of resolution is possible, resulting in sharp, crisp and colorful keychains. We offer color matching, two sided design and die cut (any shape). Our Rubber keychains are suitable for any logo, name or design. We deliver in a timely manner.

24 Hour Price Quote

5-7-Day Sample

3-Week Production

All of our PVC Keychains are quoted on a case-by-case basis, we will need your artwork/design/sketch and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting.

Soft PVC Keychains Gallery

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Order Process: Custom PVC Key chains in 4 Easy Steps!

Are you considering Rubber Keychains for your uniforms?

Send us your project’s details and we will help you make awesome rubber keychains with your company logo.

What do You Need to Know About Custom Rubber Keychains?

Custom Rubber Keychains – Options

We can make them in any size and any shape. We say no to standard sizes and shapes.
No more 2″ circles or rectangles (unless you want to).
Most of our soft rubber keychains are made in a custom shape, outlining your design.

2D Layers are standard.
3D Layers allow your design to have a rounded, puffy look.

Soft PVC Key chains run a little thicker than patches or labels, they are usually between 3.5mm-5.0mm.(Standard is 4.0mm)

Key chains are usually between 2″ and 5″. Your Tag, Your Size. Use a standard shape or have the patch adjust to your design.
All of our keychains come with a Nickel Silver Key ring.

Options – Back of the keychain

The back side of your keychain is the perfect place to add your business information: email address, website, phone number, or even a call to action to a special promotion. 




We use silkscreening printing and one color should be more than enough to convey your message. Don’t forget to choose a highly contrasting color for best visibility.

Mold Style: 2D vs 3D

Give your key tags a unique personality with a 3D design.(or fake a 3D look with 2D layers).
One of the reasons why people love Soft PVC is because it makes possible an almost infinite design possibilities, being able to have layers on top of layers, or below layers, it can give your PVC keychain an outstanding look. A sort of 3-dimensional look.
And some people might think that’s what we are referring to when we ask about a 2D or 3D mold style. But it’s not.
On the one hand, when we talk about a 2D mold we talk about 2D layers, which are layers that flat on top, picture sharp corners on a side view and a “solid” look to it.
On the other hand 3D Key chains use 3D layers, which are layers that are “puffy” looking. They have a curved top so there is no sharp corners, they “flow” a little. 2D Mold PVC KeychainVat 29 2D Keychain

Soft Rubber vs Silicone

Our standard Rubber Key Tags are made out of PVC, which is a material that combines a very nice look along with durability.
We also offer Silicone key chains, which are a bit more expensive but they have the advantage of being safer for the environment.

PVC vs Metal Keychains

Both PVC and metal manufacturing will work great for keychains, especially when they are used as promotional gifts.
While metal keychains will give a classic feel, a soft rubber key chain appeals better to a more relaxed, youthful market.
Others, such as a law enforcement office will probably prefer a metal keychain and a youth camp, or a custom car shop will probably like a pvc keychain better.
Keep in mind that just as custom metal keychains, soft rubber keychains can be customized, they can be:
Dual sided: Same design on the back as in the front.
2 or 3-dimensional look: Square or Rounded elements.
Offset-printing on the front and silk screen printed on the back.


When we talk about custom rubber keychains, every project is different.
Size, Shape, Thickness, Layers, Colors can all affect the price, so please send us your design and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting.
Ask your Rep about ways of making your product unique:
2D and 3D Printed
Base Layer color: Black is standard but any color is possible.
Backside Printing: Silk-screening in one color.

There is no extra charge for multi-layers and custom shape products.

1.Price Approval

Request & Approve Your Pricing.
In-house Design Team: We will work with you to make your logo look great on the labels.

2.Art Approval

Review & Approve Your Art Proof (Free Design).
Turnaround time:
3-5 Business Days.

3.Pre-Pro Approval

We will make a sample for your approval.
Turnaround time:
5-10 Business Days.

4.Manufacturing & Delivery

Once you approve it we will start production.
Turnaround time/Production Times:
10-15 Business Days.

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful promotional product for your next marketing campaign, PVC Key chains will not disappoint

Custom PVC keychains are creative, practical, and versatile for any company or business.

Eye-catching keychains will be the perfect advertising tool that will give any onlooker an instant idea of what your business is all about.

Your Customers Will Love Them!

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to promote your brand and draw customers in.

You’ve probably already tried pens with the company name and logo on them. But Custom keychains can be a much more effective choice.

While pens are useful, keychains are both practical and attractive. While pens may be misplaced and lost forever, a keychain will stay with an individual along with his important house or car keys.

custom rubber keychains

The very fact that a potential customer would place your promotional keychain on his keys shows an interest in your product.

Every time that individual grabs his keys on the way out the door, he will see your keychain and think about your business.

In the car hanging from the ignition, on the desk, in a pocket, or fished out of a purse…
Every time this person looks at his keys he will immediately think about your company and recall his experience at your place of business.

Also, anyone else who notices them will be indirectly informed of your company.

The more unique your design, the better the chances of it becoming a conversation starter where customers can even turn into promoters of your business.

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy of all.

Unique and Versatile!

2d custom pvc rubber keychains - envy
Custom Rubber PVC Keychains

Custom Keychains are a very versatile marketing option as well.

They can be made to accommodate any business, from car washes to doctor’s offices. Colors, fonts, logos, and shapes can all be customized to reflect the tone and character of your company and the products you sell.

A keychain can be made to look fun and whimsical or sleek and professional.

Also, some people love to collect them, therefore, it might be a good idea to create a couple of different styles to cater to differing tastes.

What Makes PVC Keychains Different Than The Plastic Ones?

Soft PVC keychains in particular offer an entirely new world of possibilities.

This kind of keychains are far more attractive because:

  • They can be created in any 2D or 3D shape and unlike other materials, longevity and wear are not issues.
  • Soft PVC, is a very durable material that allows intricate artistic designs with a high degree of resolution.
  • Color options are limitless.
  • These choices allow you to be extremely creative to design a keychain that is one-of-a-kind so that customers will not be able to resist adding it to their keys.

Give your customers and potential clients a keepsake they’ll use everyday.

Custom PVC keychains are a unique and memorable way to remind them of their great experience with your company.

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Jiu Jitsu Gear Outfitter Uses PVC Keychains to Promote Brand

Custom Rubber Keychains

Randori Fight Gear is a manufacturer of affordable yet very durable high-quality fight gear and clothing. They came to us looking for a customized keychain that would be represent their brand in a unique fashion, but also be very durable like their products. What we ended up designing for them was a soft PVC Key chain with their company / brand emblem as seen to the left.

The first thing you’ll notice about this piece is the base PVC that their emblem is built upon. This is a 3.2mm high square white piece of PVC.

Two things to notice about this design which really take advantage of the PVC versatility:

  • The dragon is white since the orange and beige portion of the PVC, on the second level, is molded to display the white from the first level coming through.
  • Fight gear is located on a third level adding that much more dimension to this keychain design. This keychain is technically 2D (not 3D since there’s no rounding/convex characteristics), but it has the depth of a third dimension the way we custom designed it.

Customer Reviews

  • Personalized Keychains
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "I loved it! Becky was able to assist with every need & made sure it was to perfection. The final product came out amazing & it was everything I hoped for! Thank you"

  • PVC Key Tag
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Our keychains are beautiful, have crisp definition of colors, and feel good in the hand. Thank you for providing a great giveaway item for our school families!"

  • PVC Key Tag
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    " The entire process was so easy! The finished product of our keychain looks amazing! Great quality and affordable product. Will reorder for sure :)"

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