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Soft PVC Luggage Tags – Durable, Soft, Resistant, and Amazing Design Possibilities!

Custom Rubber luggage tags made from PVC offer a lot of versatility in comparison to standard luggage tags.

The design possibilities with soft PVC are endless.  There are none of the limitations that traditional luggage tags have.  Gone are the strict rules of business card shaped tags, and are born the unique shaped and creative tags of the future.

24 Hour Price Quote

3-Day Sample

3-Week Production

All of our Soft PVC Luggage Tags are quoted on a case-by-case basis, we will need your artwork/design/sketch and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting.

Custom Rubber Luggage Tags – Options


Although the most common shape is rectangular, we can make your luggage tags in any shape you want.


The most common size is 3″x4″.
However if you want to add an address card, the minimum size it will be 2.5″x2.5″


2D Layers are standard.
3D Layers allow your design to have a rounded, puffy look.

Address Back Options


No address block or card are included.


A standard address block will be printed directly into the PVC

Soft Rubber Insert

A pocket will be created using soft PVC, with a clear window and a paper address card included.

Hard Plastic Back

We will adhere our standard 3″x4.5″ plastic back to your luggage tag. It will include a clear window and a paper address card.

How to Order custom luggage tags?


1.Quote Request

Request your FREE Price Quote: – Online: Fill out our FREE Quote Request Form – Email: – Call: 1-866-611-6168

1-2 Business Days

2.Price Quote is Ready

We’ll send you and email with your pricing, for your approval. 
Once you approve your price quote…
and submit payment info…  

1-2 Business Days
1-2 Business Days

3.Art Quote is Ready

We’ll send you and email with your Art Proof attached, for your approval.

Once you approve your Art Proof…

1-2 Business Days
2-5 Business Days

4.Factory Art is Ready

We’ll send you and email with your Factory Art attached, for your approval.
you approve your Factory Art…

2-5 Business Days
5-7 Business Days

5.Your Sample is Ready

We’ll send you and email with your Pre-Production Sample attached, for your approval. 

 you approve your Pre-Production Sample…

5-7 Business Days
15 Business Days

6.Order in Production

We’ll manufacture your PVC product. It will take between 15 to 20 business days for us to receive it in the office.

15 Business Days
1-5 Business Days

7.We’ll Ship To You

We will ship your order to you, usually Fedex Ground. If you need it faster, we can expedite it as well.

1-5 Business Days

Ready to Order Your Custom Luggage Tags?

Send us your project’s details and we will help you make awesome Patches

Rubber Luggage Tags and PVC

Why PVC?

Since soft PVC is so versatile, there are many design possibilities.

Traditionally, the most popular is printing a logo or emblem on the soft PVC material. For example, you might have your logo that is two colors be printed on top of a solid grey PVC material. The final touch for the luggage tag will be the cutout for the attachment, which hooks onto the luggage.

Gaining more popularity these days has been the use of either 2D (molding raised and recessed areas of the design) or 3D (used in conjunction with 2D to provide aspects that are rounded/convex – giving the perception of even more depth) with soft PVC. Many of our customers have taken a soft PVC Patch idea and turned it into a corresponding luggage tag.

Another benefit of using soft PVC for luggage tags is their durability. Since luggage is typically moved from place-to-place, in and out of trunks and overhead compartments, or going into the underbelly of aircraft, it’s important to make sure that your unique design will stand up to the elements. This is no problem for these custom PVC luggage tags as they will last the longest of any custom material.

Soft Rubber vs Silicone

Our standard luggage id are made out of Soft Rubber PVC, which is a material that combines very pleasing aesthetic qualities along with durability.
We also offer eco-friendly silicone luggage tags, which are a bit more expensive but they have the advantage of being safer for the environment.

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