Custom PVC Products Made Easy

Ordering your Custom PVC Products is an easy task when you work with Our Team’s of PVC Experts, so you can go back and focus on growing your company.
Relax, your order of Custom PVC Products is in good hands.

Why Should You Use Custom PVC Products

As a manufacturer of outdoor products and gear you are familiar with the concern of keeping your brand in place over time. With your products exposed to the elements you need a product that will withstand the test of time. Custom Soft Rubber PVC patches and labels are ideal for these situations.

Our PVC Rubber products will be there well after your product has worn out.

All of our products are made to your specifications using your logo and message. You can provide the artwork or we can assist you in generating new artwork for your project.

Soft Rubber PVC Patches and Labels allow for a high degree of resolution giving a sharp, crisp and colorful message. PVC and Phthalate free or Silicone products are available.

There are so many ways you can use PVC products, and almost anyone can take advantage of our low minimum quantities.


identify your uniforms with custom rubber products
custom pvc products to brand your products
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How Does It Work?

We will guide you thru the whole process, from the moment you contact us, all the way until you receive your products.

1. Quote Request
Request your FREE Price Quote: – Online: Fill out our FREE Quote Request Form – Email: – Call: 1-866-611-6168

2. Price Quote is Ready
We’ll send you and email with your pricing, for your approval. Once you approve your price quote and submit payment info…

3. Art Quote is Ready
We’ll send you and email with your Art Proof attached, for your approval.
art-proof. Once you approve your Art Proof.

4. Factory Art is Ready
We’ll send you and email with your Factory Art attached, for your approval. Once you approve your Factory Art…

5. Your Sample is Ready
We’ll send you and email with your Pre-Production Sample attached, for your approval. Once you approve your Pre-Production Sample…

6. Order in Production
We’ll manufacture your PVC product. It will take between 15 to 20 business days for us to receive it in the office.

7. We’ll Ship To You
We will ship your order to you, usually Fedex Ground. If you need it faster, we can expedite it as well.

Trusted by Great Brands

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With such a low minimum order (100 Pieces Only!) , you will not be stuck with 900 patches that do not match your new logo.
Work with The Best. Our PVC Experts will guide you every step of the way. We have pride in our products just as much as you have pride in yours.
Stress-Free Ordering. We will deal with the production team, customs, vendors and shipping. We do the work so you don’t have to.
Dependability. Our standard Production Time is 3-4 weeks. In the rare occasion where a production hold-up occurs, we will keep you informed.


Send us your project’s details and we one of our PVC experts will guide you thru.

Or Give us a Call (866) 611-6164

Google Reviews
Chad Hullinger
Chad Hullinger
Absolutely phenomenal product! Every single request was met with professionalism and quality down to the finest detail. Will forever utilize this product for all my patch and badge needs!
Tiffani Worthy
Tiffani Worthy
What a wonderful process and product! From beginning to end the process was straightforward, easy and customer focused. The shoe charms are just as described and pictured during the ordering process and they arrived sooner than expected. I would absolutely recommend for anyone looking to create a custom PVC product.
Levi French
Levi French
Definitely will use this company moving forward!
FRONT HARNESS by The Front Dog
FRONT HARNESS by The Front Dog
My logo has no eyeballs now- Not because they were too small but because LINX (aka Sarah my contact) said I "ok'd" it in a final preview. The file I gave had eyeballs. There was back and forth over incorrect sizing so I sent them the eps file for them adjusted to correct size- with eyeballs. The previous previews they sent back had eyeballs. (See below) - By the time I got the file size correct I didn't notice the eyeballs were now gone. The art proof I approved had eyeballs. The Factory Art Proof did not. I mentioned it after final preview and am told " The factory art was approved without it, as well.". There is no quality control internally. Make sure you look at EVERYTHING 3 times. Who knows what will change in the interim? Also the fact there was no interest in correcting this by the company also bothered me. No new plate? What am I supposed to do with an incorrect plate? Make more like that?? Otherwise- would've ordered thousands more but instead will find someone else who holds customer satisfaction as important. I included my eyeball less dog for reference and pics of previous drafts with them.
Great Product! Couldn't have been more pleased. The product and the price is great.
Will Goodwin
Will Goodwin
Love the end product! Sarah was very patient with me and the whole order process making it easy. Very professional and the best rate I found. Will do business with again. Thank you!
Julio Esquivel
Julio Esquivel
Great service, great time frame and above all, awesome product
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Great product, second ordering from company. Fast service, would order again.
Superb quality! And super fast shipping! Thank you very much for the customer support. I needed to make an adjustment just before production and they were happy to make it in real time as I was on the phone! Next thing I know I was unpacking them. Definitely will be ordering more of my patches from PVC! Thank you
chris henderson
chris henderson
Amazing customer service, amazing patches high quality and everything my whole department absolutely loves these