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As a manufacturer of outdoor products and gear you are familiar with the concern of keeping your brand in place over time. With your products exposed to the elements you need a product that will withstand the test of time. Custom Soft Rubber PVC patches and labels are ideal for these situations.

Our PVC Rubber products will be there well after your product has worn out.

All of our products are made to your specifications using your logo and message. You can provide the artwork or we can assist you in generating new artwork for your project.

Soft Rubber PVC Patches and Labels allow for a high degree of resolution giving a sharp, crisp and colorful message. PVC and Phthalate free or Silicone products are available.

PVC Labels are often used by manufactures of outdoor products utilizing canvas, vinyl, as well as clothing products such as swimwear, snowsuits, backpacks along with a long list of products deemed weather resistant.

Unlike normal woven labels, longevity and wear are not issues when using PVC for Labels.

Because of the durability associated with PVC Labels, they have been known to last more than 5 years in the harshest of conditions.

These labels are a great way to keep customers identifying your brand for many years.

Why Choose Us

  • With such a low minimum order (100 Pieces Only!) , you will not be stuck with 900 patches that do not match your new logo.
  • Work with The Best. Our PVC Experts will guide you every step of the way. We have pride in our products just as much as you have pride in yours.
  • Stress-Free Ordering. We will deal with the production team, customs, vendors, shipping. We do it every day and are quite good at it,
  • Dependability. Our standard Production Time is 3-4 weeks. In the rare occasion where a production hold-up occurs, we will keep you informed.
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