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Custom PVC Labels – Make Your Brand Last! with PVC Emblems

PVC Labels are often used by manufacturers of outdoor products with canvas, vinyl, and many other materials.

In addition, they are also used on clothing products such as swimwear, snowsuits, and backpacks along with a long list of products deemed weather resistant.

Despite their thickness, the sewing channel around them makes them easy to sew to your products.

24 Hour Price Quote
5-Day Sample
3-Week Production

All of our Custom PVC Labels are quoted on a case-by-case basis, we will need your artwork/design/sketch and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting.

Custom PVC CLOTHING Labels – Options


Rectangular shapes are easier to be sewn in. We can also make it wrap around your design.


Your label can be as small as 0.5″. Less than 4″ is recommended,


Most labels are 2D. You can add 3D layers to any element you want.


A sewing channel around the border makes it easy to sew it to your product.
Adhesive backing is also available.

How Does It Work?

1.Price Approval

Request & Approve Your Pricing.
In-house Design Team: We will work with you to make your logo look great on the labels.

2.Art Approval

Review & Approve Your Art Proof (Free Design).
Turnaround time:
3-5 Business Days.

3.Pre-Pro Approval

We will make a sample for your approval.
Turnaround time:
5-10 Business Days.

4.Manufacturing & Delivery

Once you approve it we will start production.
Turnaround time/Production Times:
10-15 Business Days.

Let’s Get Started!

Send us your project’s details and together we will make an awesome PVC Label for your bags

Roberto Roberto PVC Label

An unusual look, an amazing result

This customer in particular wanted a black on black PVC label, which for the non-experienced customer or designer would sound as a weird thing to do.
But by using PVC labels, we can create multiple levels, which allow for this kind of look, all while staying in what is considered a 2D Mold, avoiding any increase cost that doing a 3D piece would bring.
So you can achieve this same look for even you small 100 piece order and keep within budget.
We love the fact that the customer had this brilliant idea and we could make it possible, as usual with the high quality of our PVC labels.

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Customer reviews

  • PVC Label 2D Design
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Products are of the highest quality, the customer service is the absolute best, Rosana, and her team are a pleaser to work with."
  • PVC Tags
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Great job as always!"
  • PVC Label 2D Design
    5 5 out of 5 stars
    "Great customer service and communication! They definitely want to make sure they get it right for you. Product delivered is exactly as ordered and described!"

What do You Need to Know About Custom Rubber Labels?

What Makes PVC Labels so Special?

  1. Longevity: Even when attached to outdoor products or clothing, soft rubber labels will last a long time. Labels are sort of like business cards. They will remind customers, of the manufacturer, which eventually develops into brand loyalty.
  2. Durability: rubber labels are ideal for outdoor products and clothing because they are not easily damaged or destroyed. This is extremely important. No tag or a damaged or an unreadable one equates to no brand association and possibly no repeat business.
  3. The Ability to Withstand The Elements: Products that are going to be used outdoors regularly need to have tough labels that are able to resist harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s the sun, wind, rain, snow or ice, it is important that labels stay intact and retain their “like new” appearance. Again, labels advertise for a brand or manufacturer, long after the product has left the store, then, it is important that they aren’t easily altered or damaged.

What Are The Most Common Uses for PVC Labels?

1. Outdoor Items

PVC labels are a good option for companies that manufacture outdoor goods because they can be created with rich, vivid colors and unique designs. Companies that wish to create labels with 3-D effects can if they opt for soft rubber labels. We use the PMS Color Matching System.

Finally, it is possible to create eye-catching, memorable labels that will impact those who see them, with PVC. For outdoor gear, rubber labels work better than a printed label or even woven labels because of their visual impact and durability which is essential for products that will be used outdoors.

The most common outdoor items are

  • Canvas Awnings
  • Canvas Tool Bags
  • Sail Covers
  • Equipment Covers

2.Bags / Backpacks / Travel Luggage

all terrain pvc label

Branding on bags and backpacks is usually located on the outside of the bag,  and due to the use and handling, these labels are exposed to many items and situations that could deteriorate them.

If you are worried about sewing the label to your item, don’t worry. We add a sewing channel to all of our PVC Labels, making it easy to attach it to your product.

A standard clothing label is made of woven threads, and they are very resistant, and they are usually located in the inside of the products, where they are ‘kept safe’ from the exterior.

A PVC label will resist fading and any use and abuse our bags can be subject to, they can resist high temperatures and they won’t get entangled with anything, as they don’t have any threads.