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Custom PVC Products design and examples. PVC Emblems has years of experience in crafting the most exquisite, and unique patches on the market place. Here you will learn more about the process of creating a patch, some design aspects. as well as some customer examples of patches and their corresponding artwork.

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Top 10 PVC Morale Patches 2019

While Morale Patches are supposed to help people "rise their vibes", sometimes they are also made to make us laugh, by being ironical, ruthlessly cruel, [...]

Best Custom PVC Patches for Hats 2019

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people asking for custom patches for hats out there. We must be honest, If you want [...]

You Could Get Your Custom Patches for FREE!

"Showing Off My Patch Contest"!! Submit a picture to our Facebook Post of your PVC patch in action: on your uniforms, your gear, in the [...]

  • WED_7419

Mixing Printed & 2D PVC for Impact

Adding Print to your PVC Makes for a Strong Impact We wanted to write this to those of you who think you can't 'have your [...]

Custom Sports Patches – Be a Real Team Player!

If you want your sports team to really stand out in the crowd, then you need a symbol that can identify all of you as proud members. Due to their durability and versatility, PVC patches are a great option for sports teams.

  • united-states-pistol-shooter-thin-blue-line

Thin Blue Line PVC Patches

Support for our Police Officers has been a cause that has motivated many to express themselves publicly and in many many ways: t-shirts, flags, rings, bracelets [...]

  • pvc-label-the-refined-k9

Custom Soft Rubber Labels for Our K9 Friends

Are you the parent of a furry baby in Florida? Meet our amazing customers from The Refined K9 founded their company based on the belief that every dog should be treated differently, and with respect.

  • flag-patches

10 Great Custom American Flag PVC Patches + Company Logos

What is better than PVC patches with your company logo? American Flag PVC patches with your company logo. Why? A flag patch with your company's [...]

  • pvc-patches-31

Sit at The Cool Table with PVC Labels

We talk about successful branding campaigns constantly using PVC labels; trying to convince those who are not so sure of the concept of branding, that [...]

  • WED_7382-002

Custom PVC Charms: Shoe Charms

What is a Shoe Charm? Shoe charms have gained in popularity right alongside the Croc line of shoes.   Kids and grown ups alike have [...]

  • WED_7375

Team Rubicon – Bridging the Gap

If you haven't heard of Team Rubicon, it's time you do and I hope you take time to visit their website after you read just [...]

  • WED_5855

All Things are Possible with Printed PVC!

The Perfect Combination With the rise in popularity for Soft PVC Patches hitting the marketplace; it's understandable that it was time to take designs in [...]