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Custom PVC Patches

 In a world where standing out is key, our PVC patches offer an outstanding style to help your brand create an indelible mark. Discover the power of innovation and customization as we delve into the world of custom PVC patches, the rising star in modern branding strategies.

Min. Order 50 pieces
24 Hour Price Quote
7 Day Sample Photo
4-Week Turn Around Time

Understanding THE Custom RUBBER Patch

The rubber patch is revolutionary, flexible and extremely durable at a time. It offers unrivaled versatility, vibrant colors, and intricate design. Custom PVC Patches are built to last, enduring wear and tear without losing their charm. Plus, they allow a level of customization that’s hard to match.

We can supply any type of custom PVC patch you need. From a logo patch to unique law enforcement badges. Upgrade your patch using optional add-ons like: 2D and 3D rising elements, or even Glow in the Dark color.

CUSTOM PATCH Design Options

Embrace these features and options to customize your PVC patches that resonate with your audience.


Elevate your custom PVC patch with the captivating visual impact of three dimensions: shapes that pop off the surface, adding depth and texture to your design.

Whether it’s intricate lettering, raised logos, or sculpted elements, you can add a tactile and engaging touch to your PVC patches, making them impossible to ignore.

Hook & Loop

Our versatile approach allows us to either stitch or adhere a hook backing to the back of your patch, which seamlessly attaches to loop surfaces. While the loop counterpart is optional, it can also be provided with adhesive on the back for swift and easy application.

This type of backing is especially advantageous for a range of needs, from military units and martial arts schools to soccer teams, airsoft fields, or anyone requiring the ability to swiftly attach and detach patches from uniforms, or outdoor gear.

Add Hook and Loop Backing to attach your patches to security services uniforms, Tactical Gear, Vests, Jackets and Backpacks.

Waterproof PVC Patches

When it comes to durability, our custom PVC patches shine. Crafted with a natural waterproof quality and heat-resistant attributes, they stand as a prime choice for outdoor and outerwear applications. Not only are they inherently water-resistant, but they also boast impressive resilience against extreme heat and cold, ensuring they remain intact even in challenging conditions.

Whether it’s the scorching sun or icy winds, these emblems are designed to endure without tearing or detaching from your garment. This is why they are particularly ideal for morale patches.

Rest assured, our PVC patches are more than just visually appealing; they’re a reliable and durable choice for any adventure. Moreover, they tend to be the cost-effective and wiser option, particularly for headwear applications.


You have the freedom to select from a range of thicknesses, each offering distinct benefits.

Opt for the thinner 2mm variation for a light weight touch.

The well-loved 3mm option strikes a balance between sturdiness and flexibility, making it a versatile choice for a multitude of applications.

For projects demanding a more robust presence, our heavy-duty 4mm thickness is ready to make a statement. With this level of customization, your PVC patches go beyond just being visual elements – they become a reflection of your specific needs.

pvc label

Colors Precision for your PVC Design

Whether you prefer a monochromatic masterpiece or a vivid explosion of hues, the choice is yours. Explore a range from 1 to 12 colors, and even venture into the realm of photorealistic printed patches – where your creativity knows no bounds. We meticulously match your brand identity using the PMS Pantone system, ensuring that every shade is an exact representation. Add subtle gradients or bold contrasts to your PVC Patches, let your imagination run free, and let us bring your vivid visions to life with precision and vibrancy.

Printed pvc patches

Printed PVC patches can display complex designs, including gradients, fine lines, and a wide array of colors. This makes them ideal for logos, illustrations, and text with small lettering. The design is printed directly onto the surface of the PVC material using a digital or screen printing process. This allows for high-resolution images and vibrant colors.

logo pvc emblems avatar

At, we empower you to explore possibilities and bring your vision to life in every dimension.


Any Shape for PVC Design

You can use a standard or custom shape to adjust to the contour of your logo.

Any Style

With so many options to choose from, the possibilities of creating a one of a kind patch are endless.

Any Size

As little as 0.5 inches or as big as 17 inches.
Standard thickness for the base layer is 1.8mm and 0.7mm for any other. You can go up to 4 mm overall thick.
The most common sizes for EMS, Police, and Fire Department uniforms are 3″x3″ and 3″x3.5″ for shoulders and 3″x2″ for hats and flag designs.

BackinG options


You can sew your patches onto your clothes easily with a sewing machine or by hand, thanks to the “Sewing Channel”.


Add adhesive backing for attaching a patch to any clothing without the need of an iron or heat press just peel and stick,

Hook and loop

If you need to remove your PVC patches frequently, add hook and loop backing to them!


Now you can choose iron-on backing for your PVC patches. These are made with a special rubber that resist ironing.

custom 2d pvc patches

2D VS 3D rubber Patches

Add 2D elements to elevate with square angles, and 3D ones to introduce a dynamic depth by angling forward or backward, creating a seamless curve. This innovation is particularly advantageous for custom patches with curved shapes, offering a captivating visual and tactile experience.

custom 3d pvc patches


1. Pricing
After Requesting a Quote we will get back to you in 24 hours with exact pricing. Our In-house Design Team will work with your ideas to craft a custom quote that fit your needs.

2. Art Approval
Your Digital Proof design will be ready in 2-3 Days.

3. Pre-Pro Approval
Your order starts here. Review Your patch sample.
in 7 Business Days.

4. Manufacturing & Delivery
Once you approve the sample we will start with the full production and, afterwards, we will proceed to Fast Delivery: 15-20 Business Days.

From Design to Reality

custom rubber patches -from-sketch-to-final-art
In this graphic you can see how we go from a kind of simple concept to an amazing patch.

Using premium materials, we meticulously craft each patch, overseeing every step to ensure a professional finish.

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Our client testimonials attest to our dedication and commitment to excellence to any size company wanting to get custom patches with their logo.

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PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is the core material that forms the basis of our innovative PVC patches. This versatile synthetic plastic is renowned for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to various elements. PVC’s adaptability makes it a favored choice in a multitude of applications, ranging from construction and automotive industries to medical equipment and even clothing, our favorite application besides patches is making pvc keychains.


PVC patches come to life through a meticulous process. Colored soft rubber is carefully poured into aluminum molds. Starting with a base color, each subsequent layer builds upon it, resulting in a distinctive and unified soft item. Each custom design has its own dedicated metal mold, ensuring precision and authenticity. Should you desire the same design in a smaller size, a new mold is required to achieve that level of detail. Explore further insights on How to Make Your PVC Patch.


Our minimum quantity starts at just 50 pieces, allowing you to embark on your branding journey without any barriers.


As your mold will be made to your specific design, your project will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. We’ll need your artwork/design/sketch and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting. Special upgrades, number of colors and sizes can increase the value of your patch.


Every project is different but in general, the Initial Price and Art Approval takes about 1 week, 1 week for Sampling, and 3-4 weeks for Production. From beginning to end, it takes about 5-6 weeks.


Yes, the pvc rubber mix we use in our manufacturing process is soft to the touch and flexible.


Patches worn on the shoulder will average 3″-4″ tall. In the case of hat patches they are requested usually round shaped from 2″ to 2.5″.


Although embroidered patches can look great when new, they have some downside points:
They tend to wear off much and lose their cool look with just a few washes or with the constant use.
On the contrary, PVC give you several advantages such as:
-2D or 3D sculpted design.
-Waterproof material. It can withstand heat and cold temperatures. Ideal for sports clubs
-Any shape and colors (no gradients).
-Extreme detail and precision. It works perfect for complicated designs with small lines or lettering.
-Is flexible and lightweight yet strong & durable like no other.


We love turning old fabric badges into amazing custom PVC patches!
Just send your art-work ideas via email, or mail it to us. We will custom match your design colors from CMYK and RGB to the Pantone Coated and un-coated Color charts. We also have other color options such as Glow in the Dark, which absorb light and then emit it, causing colors change from white to green or yellow.


Yes we do! We supply custom made Hat Patches, and they are one of our customer’s favorites!
The beauty of having a patch-hat made out of PVC , is that it allows you to add your logo or emblem to ANY TYPE of hat: flex fit snapback, trucker, baseball caps. Just choose the backing option that better suits your hats.

How do you apply pvc patches?

Applying PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) patches can be done in several ways, depending on the type of backing the patch has and the material to which you’re applying it. Here are the general methods for applying the most common types of PVC patches:
1. Sew-on Patches
Sew-on PVC patches have no adhesive or hook-and-loop backing. They are designed to be sewn directly onto the fabric.
Preparation: Choose the location where you want to apply the patch. If necessary, use a piece of chalk or a fabric marker to outline where the patch will go.
Sewing: Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to sew the patch onto the fabric. It’s best to use a thread color that matches the border of the patch for a seamless look. Sew around the entire edge of the patch.
2. Velcro/Hook-and-Loop Patches
These patches come with a hook-and-loop system (similar to Velcro) where one side (the hook) is attached to the patch, and the other side (the loop) needs to be sewn onto the garment.
Preparation: Sew the loop side of the hook-and-loop fastener to the garment where you want to place the patch.
Application: Once the loop side is securely attached to the garment, you can attach and remove the patch easily by pressing it against the loop fabric.
3. Iron-on Patches
Iron-on PVC patches have a layer of heat-activated adhesive on the back. However, PVC patches are generally thicker and might not bond as well with heat as traditional embroidered patches due to their material properties. If you have an iron-on PVC patch, follow these steps cautiously, and note that not all PVC patches are suited for iron-on application due to their heat sensitivity.
Preparation: Preheat your iron to a medium-high setting without steam. Place the garment on an ironing board or a flat, heat-resistant surface.
Positioning: Place the patch in the desired location, adhesive side down.
Covering: Cover the patch with a thin cloth or parchment paper to protect it from direct heat.
Ironing: Press the iron down on the patch and hold it in place for about 15-30 seconds. Do not move the iron back and forth because this can misplace the patch.
Cooling: Let the patch and garment cool down before moving it.
PVC Material: PVC patches are more rigid and might not conform to the fabric as easily as other types of patches. This can make sewing or applying them a bit more challenging.
Heat Sensitivity: Be cautious with applying heat to PVC patches, as excessive heat can potentially damage the patch or the garment.


Please contact us and send your project’s details and we’ll help you create awesome Custom PVC Patches! Let’s get your police or fire department uniforms look amazing!

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