custom pvc patches

Custom PVC Patches

Our custom PVC Patch made out of Polyvinyl chloride can be in any shape and size, resulting in a highly-detailed, high-quality final product that is also flexible. The mix we use is especially formulated so it is soft and bendable yet strong & durable to almost ANY USE AND ABUSE.

PVC patches are flexible, waterproof, and lightweight.

Min. Order 50 patches
24 Hour Price Quote
5-7-Day Sample
4-Week Production

Who uses Our Patches?

Any company looking to brand their products on their employees vests and gear. They are also used as garment labels, rubber patches for clothing or PVC Labels.

custom military morale patches

Military Units: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.

custom swat patches

Police and law enforcement departments have switched their old fashioned police badges to 3D Rubber ones


The best looking airsoft teams. Also used in airsoft, paintball, ski and motorcycle clubs logos. Rubber makes them tough and long lasting.

Airsoft Patches Hero

Shock the world with your design or logo! A morale patch logo in your tactical gear will do the trick.

ambulance patch

First Responders: Fire Departments, Ambulance, Medical services and EMS companies for their uniforms.

What Should You Know Before Ordering CUSTOM RUBBER Patches?

As PVC is a waterproof and weather resistant material, your patches will last longer, no fraying involved.

We manufacture soft rubber patches that have rich colors and are durable for years in any weather, are waterproof, and are resistant to low temperatures. A fire resistant patch is the perfect choice for those who require a weather-proof surface.

Design Options


You can use a standard shape or have your Patches custom made to adjust to the contour of your logo.


The beauty of PVC is at allows the design to be “split” into different layers, which gives them a 3D look.
Most patches are done with 2D Layers; 3D Layers will give your custom PVC Patches to have a rounded, puffy look, great for faces and realistic designs.


As little as 0.5 inches or as big as 17 inches.
Standard thickness for the base layer is 1.8mm and 0.7mm for any other. We can make them thicker if you need them to.
Our process is truly custom: We can manufacture your product anywhere from 1/2 inch thru 16″.
The most common sizes for Police and Fire Department uniforms are 3″x3″ and 3″x3.5″ for shoulders and 3″x2″ for hats and flag designs.

How To Attach Your Custom PVC Patches?

You can sew your patches onto your clothes easily with a sewing machine or by hand, thanks to the “Sewing Channel”
If you need to remove your patches frequently, the hook and loop backing might be perfect for you! Hook and Loop Patches are ideal for Tactical Gear, Vests, Jackets and Backpacks.

Your Backing Options

Plain Backing

Sewing is the best way to attach your patches to your items in a secure and permanent fashion.
In order to make it easy for you, we can add a sewing channel to your patch, making it easier on the machine.

pvc-patches-police-hook and loop
Hook and Loop Hook Backing

Custom PVC Patches Hook and Loop backing are ideal for jackets, hats, tactical vests and backpacks.
We have different colors of Hook and Loop© for your Hook and Loop Hook Patch, such as black, white and tan.

Adhesive Backing

For special uses on non-washable surfaces.
The peel-n-stick adhesive on our products is a temporary bonding agent. Our Sales Reps can send you samples for you to test our adhesive backing prior to ordering.

Iron-on backing

Due to the nature of the PVC material, iron on backing s not available for PVC Patch


2D VS 3D rubber Patches

Every logo design is custom built with layers in high and low relief and they can be 2D or 3D.

While 2D elements means that the layers follow square angles, the 3D ones can lean forward or backwards making round angles. These lasts work great for curved shapes. Click here to learn more about: 2D vs custom 3D PVC Patches

From a Logo into a Custom PVC Patch

In this graphic you can see how we transformed a patch, from a kind of simple concept to an amazing patch.

custom rubber patches -from-sketch-to-final-art

Yes, we can also transform your logo to be used in PVC labels (to replace a woven label), keychains, zipper pulls, coasters, magnets, luggage tags, dog tags and lapel pins of the highest quality.

Are Rubber Patches Right for Your Uniform?

Please contact us and send your project’s details and we’ll help you create awesome Custom PVC Patches! Let’s get your police or fire department uniforms look amazing!

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