Let’s Make Your Custom PVC Patches Awesome!

Hands down Custom PVC Patches are the best choice for patches for outdoor gear, such as, camping equipment, covers and outer wear.

PVC is a waterproof and weather resistant material, your custom patches will last longer, no fraying involved, and will keep your uniforms looking amazing.

24 Hour Price Quote
5-7-Day Sample

3-Week Production

All of our Custom PVC Patches are quoted on a case-by-case basis, we will need your artwork/design/sketch and a detailed description of your project for accurate quoting.

Product Options


Use a standard shape or have the patch adjust to your design.


As little as 0.5 inches or as big as 17 inches. Your Patch, Your Size.
Standard thickness for the base layer is 1.8mm and 0.7mm for any other layers.


2D Layers are standard.
3D PVC Layers allow your design to have a rounded, puffy look.

How To Attach Your PVC Patch to Your Products?

Plain Back

We add a sewing channel to most of our patches, this makes them very easy to sew.

Velcro Back

Attach them to your jacket, hat, tactical vest, backpack.

  • The most popular patch sizes and shapes are 3″ Round and 3″x2″ Flag Size.
  • Iron-on backing is not available for PVC Patches
Adhesive Back

For special uses on non-washable surfaces.

Because of the temporary nature of Adhesive – Peel-n-stick backing, we suggest you ask your Sales Representative to  send you samples so you can test our adhesive backing on the product you are planning on adhering it to. We have different colors of Velcro© for your PVC Velcro Patch, such as black, white and tan.

Are you considering Rubber Patches for your uniforms?

Send us your project’s details and we will help you make awesome Patches

From a Design into a PVC Patch

From a kind of simple and plain concept, the design progressed until… wait for it… an amazing quality patch.

pvc patch-from-sketch-to-final-art
Custom pvc patches simul-stamus

Order Process: Your Custom Patches in 4 Easy Steps!

1.Price Approval

Request & Approve Your Pricing.
In-house Design Team: Will work with your ideas, and your company logo.

2.Art Approval

Review & Approve Your Art Proof.
Turnaround time:
3-5 Business Days.

3.Pre-Pro Approval

Review & Approve Your Pre-Production Sample.
Turnaround time:
5-10 Business Days.

4.Manufacturing & Delivery

Fast Production / Fast Delivery.
Turnaround time/Production Times:
10-15 Business Days.

Who uses Our Products?

government-agency 3d pvc patch
3D Rubber Badges

Police and law enforcement departments have switched their team uniform patches to custom 3D Rubber Badges


The best looking airsoft team patches, paintball, ski and motorcycle patches are loved as well.

fox-10-news rubber

Companies looking to brand their products with logo patches into vests and hats.

Why Should you Choose Us? Check Out Our Patch Gallery

What You Need to Know

If you are a manufacturer looking to make patches for hats, jackets, backpacks and bags, think about PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
Custom PVC patches are popular for tactical uniforms of any kind: your patches can be sewn-on for a permanent solution or attached-detached to your uniforms when you choose hook-and-loop Velcro™ backing.

PVC vs Embroidered Patches: Why Should I use Soft Rubber instead of Embroidery for My Patches?

pvc vs embroidered patch

Although embroidered patches will make your standard uniform look amazing, they tend to wear off much and lose their amazing looks with just a few washes, or by your daily activities in the law enforcement team, unlike Rubber patches, as they will last maybe even longer than your uniform. Don’t confused them with custom Vinyl Patches, which are thinner and weaker than the sturdy but soft PVC material we use.

Here are a few reasons why PVC is taking the military units, law enforcement and commercial patches for uniforms world by a storm.

  1. …Your PVC patch can be made with a 2D or 3D patch design. PVC is your best choice to if you’re looking for a waterproof material that can withstand heat and cold temperatures.
  2. …PVC is an adaptable and soft plastic that can be molded to any shape and color. It allows extreme detail and precision. Soft PVC works perfect for colorful or complicated patches with small lines or small lettering.(No more ugly jump-stitching) 
  3. …PVC is flexible and lightweight yet durable like no other. Your military patches will most likely outlast your uniforms. PVC Patches are Waterproof!
  4. …one surface, multiple patch options: You can print on PVC, if your logo has small details, colors with gradients or other details we can print them onto any layer of your PVC design and create your unique PVC Printed Patches. check out our glow in the dark patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are PVC Patches?

Also called Rubber Patches, are patches made with a soft mix of PVC rubber that can be molded to any shape and almost any size, resulting in a highly-detailed, highly-resistant patch.
The PVC mix used in our patches is especially formulated so it is exactly that, soft and bendable and very resistant to almost ANY USE AND ABUSE.

Is there a Set Size, or Can I Make My patch in Any size?

We can manufacture your PVC patch in any size from 1/2 inch thru 16 inches.

How Do You Attach Your PVC Patch to Your Clothing Item?

If you are sewing your patch to any piece of clothing, please let your rep know so he/she can add a “Sewing Channel” to your patch.
Sewing Channels are nothing but a border inside the outer border of patch, that is recessed into the PVC, making it thinner and easier to sew either with a sewing machine or by hand.
But you don’t have to sew your patch to your hat.
We can also add Hook and Loop backing to have your custom patches work with Velcro Hats, Vests, Jackets and Backpacks.

I have an old Embroidered Patch. Can you make a new PVC patch based on this one?

We love turning old embroidered patches into PVC ones!
Just send us a picture, or mail it to us. We will do the color matching from CMYK and RGB to the Pantone Coated and Uncoated Color charts. We also have other color options such as Glow in the Dark, which absorb light and then emit it, causing a color change from white to white/green or white/yellow.

Do you make Custom Patches for Hats?

Yes we make custom Velcro hat patches!
Lots of people want to create a custom hat with their company logo, and they are very familiar with the concept of custom embroidered hats.
The beauty of a having a patch hat made instead is, it allows you to add your brand logo to ANY TYPE of hat: flexfit snapback hats, trucker hats, baseball caps, so You can choose the type of hat that will go best with your brand.
Now you are not limited to direct embroidery, or the fear of your logo wearing off if they are screen printed.
Custom rubber patches will outlive the wear and tear of any hat in the market.

What Other Custom PVC Product Can You Manufacture with Soft PVC?

Besides custom rubber patches, we can also make custom PVC labels (to replace a woven label), key chains, zipper pulls, coaster, magnets, luggage tags, dog tags and lapel pins.

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