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Top 10 PVC Patches for Jackets

Using PVC Patches for Jackets might be a new thing. Well, PVC Patches are kind of a new thing for many. But for those of [...]

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The Basics of Soft PVC Products

PVC Patches are slowly becoming one of the most popular Soft PVC products in our product line. They are so resistant, cool looking and the [...]

Our Happy Customers

Flight Attendant PVC Keychains "The customer service was great! My agent was very professional, proactive, patient, and communicated well. " Tanisha Anthony [...]

Custom Multicam Patches – Great Colors

Take a peak at some custom multicam patches made with PVC, our favorite and most popular style. We have made many patches with the Army [...]

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PVC Badges for Security Services

Your team's uniforms are not made for an office. They should be ready to resist any event your employees will be facing. PVC will help [...]

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Ordering Morale Patches for a Military Unit

Creating a custom morale patch for your military unit should be an exciting task! But sometimes it turns into a tedious task, where you spend [...]

Choosing The Right Company to Produce your PVC

The process of choosing the right company to partner with you in producing your PVC products is an important one. When you think about a [...]

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Elements of a PVC Patch

What is a PVC Patch? If we were in a room full of people and we were to ask the question: Who Know What a [...]

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Ordering PVC Products Online: 3 Steps To Accomplish Customer Satisfaction

One disadvantage of buying product online is basically the perception you may have of the result product. Does this mean that we are not going [...]

The Versatility of PVC Labels

Clothing designers are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and make their brand more recognizable. For people who design handmade clothing [...]