Creating a custom morale patch for your military unit should be an exciting task!

But sometimes it turns into a tedious task, where you spend countless of  sleepless nights scouring the internet trying to find inspiration to make your patch just perfect. You then submit your ideas to your patch manufacturer and (fingers crossed)  just sit and wait for them to deliver the perfect patch to you.

The above statement can sound a little idyllic for some.

Especially if this is the first time you are ordering custom patches over the internet or if you are using a manufacturer for the first time.

We know the fear can be real and that’s why we love to share successful customer stories, from beginning to end. Enjoy.

What would you say if we told you that you could get an amazing PVC morale patch from a simple sketch and a picture of an “inspiration patch”?

Well our customers sent us this simple black and white version of their unit logo and a picture of a patch with a nice shape and style they liked. The request was simple. Use this two elements, add a couple of flags,  a wreath and well… Just make it work.


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On the one hand the sort of caduceus symbol with the tittles above and below was their emblem, the main element that identified their unit, on the other hand we had this old style embroidered patch,  with at least three elements: the phantom, the helicopter and the moon. 

Moreover, part of the mandatory requirement was to add those two flags, the American one and another from Afghanistan and the wreath. ¡That was too much for a little patch!

Our designer had to decide which elements to take out of the formula. At the end the only thing he could save from the old patch was the shape. 

And so after a couple of art iterations they decided this was the right design:


Which can scare some people of, all of those lines and terms such as “sewing line” “recessed line”… Some could say What the hecks is this? But they didn’t. They either understood it or they decided they were going to trust us with the final design.

Which looks just like this:


This is a better angle of it.

Notice the caduceus stands out from the background thanks to the layer style.

The same thing happens with the tittles in high relief. The flags and the wreath are part of the background thanks also to the layering technic.


Cool huh?

The amazing characteristics of PVC patches is the flexibility and capabilities of adding those unique touches to a design.

Where a different technique such as a printed or embroidery could make this patch look cluttered, or simple, PVC layering can help you attract attention to your star elements, those that represent the heart of your unit, where you have put all of your time and effort.

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