3 Months ago we were approached by our customer from SnugTheory, who was looking for silicone or PVC labels for baby items.

The first thing that might come to mind to some would be:

PVC Labels FOR baby items? Aren’t they a little bit thick/bulky for a baby product?

Not for this one.

Our customers at SnugTheory produce items that keep babies warm in the most inclement weather conditions. The babies are bundled and safe in the weather-proof buntings, which also are attached to the car-seat/stroller and include mittens and a faux-feather hoodie; and they are conceived so the bunting will grow with your baby, from infant to 4T.

We are convinced there is a market for their product, and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

Why did we recommend PVC Labels for the folks at SnugTheory?

PVC Labels are perfect for outdoor products, in that they will stay just as the first day, so their brand will last forever.

Plus, PVC Labels are usually attached to the outside of the product, increasing the visibility of the brand itself, not only for the wearer but the public in general. A standard damask label would have usually be located in the inside of it.

Do you produce outdoor products? Do you need weather-resistant branding?

If you answer yest to both questions, then you are in the right place!

We will help you with your branding efforts and will suggest the best option for you.

We have lowered our minimums for PVC Labels to only 100 pieces, so they are now more affordable and more accessible to even the smallest entrepreneur.

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