Custom Police Patches for Law Enforcement / Sheriff Departments


Traditionally, custom police patches have been made as embroidered or woven, but every year more and more agencies are choosing PVC or Rubber for their badges.

Wonder Why?

PVC Patches are TOUGH

These soft, rubber patches withstand even the toughest of conditions. There is no wear and tear that can take down PVC. PVC patches are Style and Durability partnered together for success.


Unlike embroidered patches, PVC does not lose its impact of color over time. The discoloration and fraying that naturally occur with embroidered patches will no longer be an issue for you if you make the switch to PVC.


PVC is fully customizable with unlimited options in design to help you get your statement across with greater impact.

If you want a look that adds dimension to your patches: make the switch to PVC.

You will no longer be limited to a one dimensional design because PVC offers 2D & 3D dimensions.

Law Enforcement Strong

Patches for Police Uniforms


No police uniform is complete  without its set of a combination of the following Velcro patches:

  • Vest Patches / Shoulder Patches
  • State / Rank Patches
  • Generic Police Patch
  • k9 / Military Unit

Patches for Sheriff Departments

pvc-sheriffs-badge-standars     pvc-sheriffs-badge-standard-2Just like the rest of the Police patches on the left, every sheriff department will use any combination of these patches. Some departments will sew them to their uniforms and will use Velcro patches on tactical teams and special units.

  • Sheriff Badge / Insignia Patch
  • k9 Unit / Vest Patches

In order to protect our law enforcement agencies, these patches are shown at low resolution and small sizes and they are meant to be used as a base to build your patch from.

Every day more and more Law Enforcement Units ask us about the option of having their patches made in PVC instead of Embroidered. and it’s not a surprise for us: a PVC patch will outlast their uniform in good shape.

Follow these 4 Easy Steps To Get Your Custom Police / Law Enforcement Patches


Step 1: ask for a Quote!

Send us your proyect’s details. If you have your Art ready send it right to us in illustrator, that’s perfect! Otherwise you can send us just a draft and we will design it for you without any extra charge.


Step 2: Approval

Check out your quote and say YES!


Step 4: Confirmation

Approve your Art In 3-7 Business Days we will send you a picture of your actual patch.


Step 5: Fast Delivery

Approve your sample, and we will make and deliver your patches within 3-4 weeks … Share with your team your Awesome PVC Patch!

Custom Patches For Law Enforcement Agencies

custom-law-enforcement-patches-groupEvery law enforcement agency in the United States has a special emblem and patch on their uniform to identify their location (state, city, county, etc.), jurisdiction, rank, and often to emphasize a particular honor or a fallen comrade.

These patches are suitable and necessary for city police, county sheriffs, SWAT teams, highway patrol officers, ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) officials, FBI, forest rangers, and any other law enforcement groups. These patches also are useful for armed and unarmed civilian security patrols in businesses and residential communities.

Almost any government agency needs a unique identification that is recognizable and prominently displayed so that the civilian public can be aware of the police or other authority’s presence and the officer can get the cooperation they need to serve the public to the best of their abilities.

Often weather conditions and lack of sufficient lighting make law enforcement patches the only form of identification that is easily recognizable and capable of eliciting the cooperation of law abiding citizens as well as those who might be involved in criminal activities.

Why PVC Patches?

police patches

PVC patches have become the most popular material for patches for law enforcement agencies for several reasons.

PVC patches are made from molds. The molds allow a level of detail and a variety of color to be used that cloth and other sewn materials could never equal. Lettering on PVC can be distinctive and boldly colored allowing easy recognition of the law enforcement officer’s agency, location, rank, and identity. PVC can even be made with fluorescent coloring to allow the patch to be readily seen in the dark – keeping the officer safe and even more recognizable.

A very popular option is custom PVC patches with Velcro backing. This allows the easy transfer of a patch between uniforms. This advantage also allows an officer that is involved in more than one agency to change identification or wear multiple identifications at the same time granting easy recognition of the officers dual roles and speeds the sometimes difficult communication that is needed for law enforcement. If the officer wants to signal that he is off duty the PVC patch with a Velcro backing can be removed.

PVC patches are much more durable and will last longer than cloth or other materials saving money not only to the law enforcement agency but to the taxpayers as well. PVC resists sun fading, water, and salt water damage.

PVC patches with or without Velcro backing have become the standard for law enforcement agencies of all kinds as well as civilian security forces because they are so easily recognizable, can be colored and lettered to fit any agency’s needs and preferences, and are hard wearing and durable.


Our experience with Custom Security Patches

We have over a decade making high quality promotional items.
Several law enforcement units trust in our services, commonly asking for custom patches. We usually made them embroidered or woven. Custom Embroidered Patches were famous among the military.
However the years passed, and one day a Police Department asked us for another material, a kind of “soft plastic” he said, that could be easily attached to their tactical shirts.

This is how we start looking for a way of fulfilling this requirement and decided to create a brand specialized in PVC. Nowadays not only law enforcement agencies ask us for PVC but also martial arts schools, sport teams, among others. We made fire department patches, scout patches and every sort of uniform patches.

Custom Security Patches Samples – Embroidery vc PVC

The following are just a show of some of the patches we have made for security services and the military.

Security Service Patch


Custom Police Patch


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