Custom Boat Cover Labels

One of our customers devised a unique solution to a problem that many boat owners today have faced – not being able to cover their boat in a timely fashion. Not only was it hard to cover a boat before, but it made the entire process of cleaning and storing boats that much more inconvenient. Our customer solution: make a system that allows a boat (50 foot) to be covered in 60 seconds!

Marine Concepts Custom Soft Rubber PVC Label

Their system is comprised of a canvas cover that slides over the boat front to back with ease. This is done by having a pulley system connect to the boat cover to allow it to slide over with ease.

One thing they didn’t have was a nice label that reflects the durability and flexibility of their system. They turned to us to assist in the creation and production of a high-quality PVC label that was flexible, durable, and can stand the test of time like their product.

What we created was a label that is 10” Wide and 5” High made with a 3D Soft Rubber PVC molding process. This allows for larger numbers and letters to have a rounding effect. This label has all the pertinent information required for them to properly brand their product (Company Name, Logo -series of nautical flags-, slogan, phone number, website, and patent information).

Who is Marine Concepts?

They are an innovative manufacturer of canvas boat covers. Their solution allows the application of the cover to a 50ft boat in as little as 60 seconds!

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the perfect way to finish off your boat covers

Boat covers can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl and plastic. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most boats, and can help protect your boat from the elements.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a boat cover that doesn’t have the right finishing touch. A sloppy job can really take away from the look of your boat, and it can also be dangerous. That’s why PVC labels are the perfect way to finish off your boat covers. They’re affordable, easy to apply, and they add a professional touch that will make your boat stand out from the competition. Plus, they’ll help keep your boat looking its best for years to come. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your boat cover, PVC labels are the solution you’ve been searching for!

 Why Use Custom PVC Labels for Outdoor Products: Durability Meets Design

When it comes to labeling outdoor products, choosing the right material is crucial to ensure longevity, durability, and functionality. Custom PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) labels offer significant advantages over traditional fabric labels like woven or embroidered tags, particularly in the demanding environments that outdoor products are typically subjected to. Here’s a look at why PVC labels are an excellent choice for outdoor gear and some examples of products that benefit from these labels.

 Advantages of PVC Labels Over Fabric Tags

1. Weather Resistance:

PVC labels are inherently resistant to weather elements. They withstand rain, snow, mud, and sun exposure without fading, fraying, or deteriorating. This makes them ideal for products used in outdoor settings where weather resistance is essential for maintaining the label’s legibility and appearance.

2. Durability:

PVC labels are tough. They resist tears, scratches, and can endure significant wear and tear without losing their shape or color. This robustness is vital for outdoor products that experience constant use and frequent exposure to harsh conditions.

3. Flexibility and Comfort:

Despite their durability, PVC labels are flexible, which means they can bend with the material of the product without cracking or breaking. This flexibility ensures that they are comfortable to use, especially in apparel like jackets and boots where movement is frequent and essential.

4. Versatility in Design:

Custom PVC labels can be molded into any shape and pattern with a wide range of colors and effects (like 3D designs, glow in the dark, and more). This versatility allows brands to create distinctive and vibrant labels that can be both functional and a part of the product’s design aesthetic.

5. Maintenance:

PVC labels are easy to clean—they can be wiped down or washed without the risk of the colors running or the label becoming frayed, which is often a risk with fabric labels.

6. Cost-Effectiveness:

Over time, the durability and low maintenance of PVC labels can translate into cost savings, as the labels do not need to be replaced as frequently as their fabric counterparts.

 Outdoor Products That Benefit from PVC Labels

Tents: PVC labels can offer detailed branding and information that endures the elements to which tents are regularly exposed, such as UV rays and rain.

Sleeping Bags: Labels on sleeping bags need to resist moisture and frequent usage, making PVC an ideal choice for care instructions and brand logos.

Rubber Boots: Exposed to mud, rain, and rough terrain, rubber boots benefit from PVC labels that can handle getting wet and dirty frequently.

Jackets: Outdoor jackets often face diverse weather conditions. PVC labels will not wear out or fade away under snow, rain, or sun, preserving the brand visibility and care instructions.

Waterproof Covers: Used for bikes, cars, boats, and more, these covers must withstand extreme weather. PVC labels remain legible and intact, providing necessary product and brand information despite environmental exposure.

PVC labels are an excellent choice for a wide range of outdoor products due to their resilience and versatility. Whether you’re manufacturing tents, jackets, or any outdoor gear, these labels ensure that your product carries your brand’s mark beautifully and durably, no matter the conditions it faces. Investing in custom PVC labels means investing in the longevity and identity of your products.