Memorial Patches for Our American Hero

Creating custom memorial patches to honor an American Hero

Our customer came to us wanting to create a unique PVC patch commemorating an American Hero, Chris Kyle. He did great things for a country and his community. Members of a charitable organization held in his name gave us the initial design and asked that we create a high-quality piece to be sold for this event and online.

What we ended up creating and producing was this high-quality 2D Soft Rubber PVC patch seen to the left. It’s perfect as an award or gift!

There are three PVC colors used in this process:

  1. Black for the PVC base layer.
  2. White for the all the words, lettering, year, and stars.
  3. Golden Orange/Yellow for the Emblem (Eagle with anchor, trident, and rifle).

This patch also features Hook and Loop backing for application to a uniform, tactical bag, hat, or any other gear a support would like to display this emblem on.

Chris Kyle Patches

2 Memorial Patches for Chris Kyle
PVC Patch Vs Embroidered Patch

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The Hook and Loop is fastened to the PVC via a sewing channel/gutter and durable thread making the durability unsurpassed.

As mentioned above, the design of this patch is technically 2D even though depth is displayed between the base and raised PVC elements. 3D PVC patches have a more rounded/convex look.

Once again, we turned a customer’s design into a top-notch PVC Patch and the most satisfying part is the cause behind it.

What Is The Commemorative Roping?

The commemorative roping and auction is a charity event where 100% of the net proceeds and gear go to helping Veterans.

Are you looking to make Memorial Patches to Commemorate a Loved One?

Send us your project’s details and we will help you make awesome Patches

More pvc Memorial Patches

When you think of a memorial, you probably think of a place where people come to remember the lives of their loved ones. But what if you wanted to remember the lives of your loved ones in a different way? Maybe you want to show your support for a cause, or honor a special memory, without having to deal with the restrictions of a traditional memorial. Today we’re going to look at some of the different ways you can customize your memorial to suit your needs.

Customizing your uniforms is an important part of military life. When you join the military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, or Marines), you’ll be assigned a set of uniforms, including your service uniform and service uniform pants. But you can always add to your uniform collection, whether it’s a new pair of boots or a new patch. The Army has a number of ways to customize your uniforms, with a variety of patches and insignia that you can add to your service uniform and service uniform pants.

Our tradition of respect for the fallen started long before we became a nation, with our first military funerals. When a soldier died, their comrades would erect a headstone, but that wasn’t enough. They would then commission a statue or carving to represent their fallen friend. Today, we still honor our fallen with these memorials, which are found at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Europe, and other national war memorials around the world.

Memorial Patches for Our American Hero

In the fabric of America, woven into its history, are the stories of those who have bravely defended our nation. Recognizing and honoring the sacrifices of our fallen heroes is a profound gesture of gratitude and remembrance. At PVC Emblems, we are committed to helping you commemorate these valiant individuals through the creation of custom memorial patches.

 Types of Patches We Offer

1. PVC Patches: 

Durable and weather-resistant, PVC patches are ideal for outdoor use. Their bold, raised designs can depict intricate details, making them perfect for showcasing heroic symbols or the names of the fallen.

2. Embroidered Patches: 

Classic and elegant, embroidered patches offer a traditional look that resonates with many. The texture and depth provided by embroidery are suitable for uniforms, hats, or any commemorative apparel.

3. Woven Patches: 

With a smoother appearance than embroidered patches, woven patches allow for finer details in design. These patches are excellent for intricate logos and text, providing a sophisticated way to honor heroes.

 Honoring Through Remembrance

Each patch we create serves as a small but mighty token of remembrance. Customizing a memorial patch allows you to capture the essence of the person it commemorates—whether it’s through a symbol, motto, or a simple, poignant date. These patches can be worn, displayed, or traded, continually renewing the memory of the fallen hero.

 Fundraising for Families and Veterans

More than just symbols, these patches can also act as powerful tools for fundraising. By purchasing a memorial patch, supporters contribute directly to causes that aid the families of fallen soldiers or assist other veterans. This not only helps alleviate the financial burdens these families might face but also supports various programs dedicated to veteran welfare.

 How to Create Your Custom Memorial Patch

Creating your custom memorial patch with us is straightforward:

– Step 1: Contact us through our website or customer service to discuss your design ideas. Whether you have a completed design or just a concept, our team is here to help.

– Step 2: Choose the type of patch that best suits your needs—PVC, embroidered, or woven.

– Step 3: Approve the final design. Our designers will work with you to ensure every detail is perfect.

– Step 4: Place your order. We handle both small batches and large orders, ensuring the same level of quality and attention to detail.

 A Symbol of Eternal Gratitude

At PVC Emblems, we understand that defending the USA is a significant sacrifice that should never be forgotten. Our custom patches are more than just memorabilia; they are a pledge to remember and honor those who have given their all. Through these patches, we can keep their legacies alive and support the communities they loved.

Join us in commemorating our American heroes. Together, we can ensure their bravery and sacrifices are forever recognized by those who care deeply.

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