custom air force patches

Custom Air Force Patches

PVC Emblems specializes in creating custom military patches to match any service member’s military uniform and Air Force Patches are not the exception!

We know military patches are what make the men and women of our United States Air Force stand out in a crowd, and show your dedication to country!

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SQUADRON, MORALE & TACTICAL air force Patches design options

238-asos airforce patch
USAF 2D Tactical Patch with Hook and Loop Backing

Color matching

We color match your artwork to the PMS colors available. In the case you need specific multicam or ACU color patterns just let us know when requesting a quote.

US Air Force Military 3D Patch with Hook and Loop Backing

2D and 3D Design

An excellent example of what’s possible with a 3D PVC patch. We used MultiCam colors in order to match exactly with their uniforms camouflage pattern.


small lettering and complex designs

PVC allows an accurate high detailed definition. An art-design like this one made as an embroidered patch would be barely legible.    

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9. "Heroes Curans" Tactical Colors 2D PVC Patch

any shape

One of the most common shapes used for military patches: a 3″ circle and top and bottom rockers. Hook and Loop backing is  almost a must when talking about military patches, that’s because it is the best way to stick on and stick off your tactical gear.


phantom air force patch
Phantom Air Force 3D


An airforce deployment patch is the identifying insignia used by members of the United States Air Force to denote their respective deployments. Each squadron and unit are typically issued unique patches that feature a distinguishing design that represents their service or mission.

magic-makers af pvc patch
Full Color, Subdued, OCP & MultiCam


Do you know you can save money on your Custom PVC Patches by ordering 2 different colors sets of the same design? One Mold, Infinite possibilities.

Coyote Military Patch + Hook and Loop backing

strong and flexible longlasting material

A cool patch made using the Coyote or Desert colors, patches that resist hard duty, patches that can be part of a combat uniform to identify units. And that’s exactly one of the things we specialize.

Custom airforce / squadron patches gallery

8. Red Commando PVC Military Emblem

AIDO Commando PVC Military Emblem

A beautiful patch with an excellent use of high contrast. Besides, compare with the other emblems made on embroidered and also used by the AIDO commandos  this design will look minimalist. AIDO stands for Army Information Dissemination Operations  which mere purpose is to teach commandos how to inform specific audiences about truthful and timely situations, also referred to as Psychological operations (PSYOP).

FUN TIP: You can easily add morale patches to your tactical gear, and the Hook and Loop Backing will help you get them on and off with ease.

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