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Custom US Air Force Patches

We specialize in crafting high-quality, Custom Air Force Patches tailored to celebrate and honor the valor of the United States Air Force (USAF), Reserve Command (AFRC), and Air National Guard (ANG).

Whether you’re looking to customize patches for your US Air Force Wing, Group, or Squadron, our bespoke service ensures each design captures the spirit and distinction of your unit.

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SQUADRON, MORALE & TACTICAL air force Patches design options

Perfect for both active duty members and veterans, our durable and vibrant patches embody the courage and commitment of all who serve under the USAF, AFRC, and ANG banners. Join us in commemorating your achievements and the brotherhood of the skies with patches that stand the test of time.

Color matching

We color-match your artwork to the PMS colors available. In the case you need specific multicam or ACU color patterns just let us know when requesting a quote.

2D and 3D Design

An excellent example of what’s possible with a 3D PVC patch. We used MultiCam colors in order to match exactly with their uniforms camouflage pattern.

small lettering and complex designs

PVC allows an accurate high detailed definition. An art-design like this one made as an embroidered patch would be barely legible.    

Do You Want To Create Custom Patches for your Unit?

Send us your project’s details and we will help you make awesome Squadron Patches

Heroes Curans Tactical Colors 2D PVC Patch

any shape

This particular design (a 3-inch circle framed by top and bottom rockers) is a shape deeply rooted in military tradition. However, we can make your patches in any possible shape.

Backing options

The inclusion of Hook and Loop backing provides the most efficient method for attaching and detaching from your tactical gear. Nevertheless, you can also choose: self-adhesive, iron-on or plain backing


Each squadron and unit are typically issued unique patches that feature a distinguishing design that represents their service or mission.


Identifying insignia used by members of the United States Air Force to denote their respective deployments.


Do you know you can save money on your Custom PVC Patches by ordering 2 different colors sets of the same design? One Mold, Infinite possibilities.

Strong and flexible, longlasting material

Your patches can be made using the Coyote or Desert colors.

Sample gallery

Types of Air Force Patches

Explore the diverse types of patches worn by the USAF personnel, including:

Morale Patches

Unofficial symbols of unit pride and humor.

Combat Unit Patches

Badges of honor for those who have faced battle.

Rank Insignia Patches

Marks of leadership and responsibility.

Specialization Patches

Indicators of specific skills or qualifications within the Air Force.

8. Red Commando PVC Military Emblem

AIDO Commando PVC Badge

This high contrasted squadron patch was made for AIDO commandos. AIDO stands for Army Information Dissemination Operations  which mere purpose is to teach commandos how to inform specific audiences about truthful and timely situations, also referred to as Psychological operations (PSYOP).

FUN TIP: You can easily add morale patches to your tactical gear, and the Hook and Loop Backing will help you get them on and off with ease.

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What do air force patches mean?

The USAF patches have deep meaning and symbolism, representing the militant order and rank within the organization, but also show honor to those who wear it. Wearing a patch shows a sense of pride in the wearer’s accomplishments, as well as guidance in a time of distress or chaos. Furthermore, patches can remind people of their place in a much bigger picture; members that are stationed near or far can remember to band together with common goals, values, and purpose. Patches can help spur on camaraderie by serving as reminders for shared experience and sacrifices made by all personnel.

Does US air force have deployment patches?

Absolutely! Each USAF squadron and Wing proudly displays its very own unique patch.

Who make custom patches? 

We do. At PVC Emblems we are custom patches manufacturers and suppliers with more than 15 years of experiece. Our headquarters are located in Carlsbad California and we are a trustfull custom patches suppliers for the United States Air Force. PVC Emblems is a brand of Linx Corp.

Can I purchase only one customized patch? or What is your Minimum Order?

No, we can’t create just 1 custom patch. Our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

Can you create the patch artwork for me? 

Yes, we can help you with that if you order with us. We will add this additional service to your quote.

Are your patches iron-on?

Yes, now our special PVC patches can be ironed on.

What is the history of USAF Patches?

The history of USAF patches is deeply rooted in military tradition and pride. Originating in 1907 with the Aeronautical Division of the Signal Corps, the patches underwent several changes reflecting the evolution and eventual independence of the Air Force. During World War II, the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) introduced two main types of patches: large, painted leather jacket patches and smaller, embroidered shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI). The transformation from the USAAF to the USAF was formalized with the signing of the National Security Act of 1947, officially establishing the Air Force on September 18, 1947. Modern USAF patches, worn by active duty, reserve, and National Guard personnel, vary from vivid, colorful designs to more subdued versions, according to the uniform and occasion. The design and approval process for these patches is governed by Air Force Instruction (AFI) 84-105, ensuring each patch upholds the tradition and values of the Air Force. Historic patches are collectible (learn more here)

Collecting Air Force Patches: A Hobby of Honor

For collectors and enthusiasts, Air Force patches are treasures that hold historical significance and personal value. Discover tips for starting your collection, from obtaining your first patch during basic training to seeking authentic, high-quality patches. Learn how to care for and display your collection in a way that respects the symbols’ integrity and the stories they represent.

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