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Custom Navy Patches are ideal for the military, veterans and their families. They can be used to identify uniforms and gear of units, patrols, troops, Naval Air Stations personnel, and for the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Our pvc patches are made with Hook and Loop backing, 2D or 3D design, they are waterproof, strong and flexible. We are proud to support our military and provide them with the best possible products!

Custom Navy Patches
US Navy Patches
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Here you have some awesome patch designs we have made for the United States Navy.


How to Get Custom Patches Made?

If you’re interested in ordering Custom Navy Patches from us, simply fill out our quote request form.
Once we have all the necessary information, we’ll create an artwork sample for you to approve. When you’re happy with the design, we’ll create a real sample for you to confirm before starting production. Finally, once everything is perfect, we’ll deliver your patches right to your door. Simple as that!

We’re dedicated to making sure you’re 100% satisfied with customizes products, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help!

How to Attach PVC Patches?

PVC Patches can be attached in 3 different ways: sewing, with a hook and loop system, or with a self-adhesive backing. The only other backing option that is not available for this kind of patches is iron-on backing. PVC patches cannot be ironed on to clothes because the intense heat would melt the patch. Using Hook and Loop is by far the prefered option for any kind of military patches among our customers.

Where to buy Custom Navy Patches?

If you are looking for wholesale prices or want to order at least 100 pieces, at PVC Emblems we specialize in making customized patches made out of polyvinyl chloride.
PVCEmblems is a brand property of Linx Corporation, a custom products manufacturer and supplier based in Carlsbad, California. We also offer custom embroidered and woven coastguard badges.

What are the different Navy Ranks Insignias and their meaning?

According to the official website of the U.S. Dep. of Defence the U.S. Navy is organized into a distinct hierarchy that establishes the chain of command and authority within the organization. This hierarchy is reflected in the different ranks and insignia that are worn by Navy personnel.
Enlisted personnel make up the vast majority of the Navy’s workforce and are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations of the service. They are divided into ten grades, each with its own corresponding insignia.
Officer personnel make up a smaller percentage of the Navy’s workforce and are responsible for leading and managing the operations of the service. They are divided into two groups: warrant officers and commissioned officers.
Warrant officers are further divided into five grades, while commissioned officers are divided into eleven grades. Each group has its own corresponding insignia that reflects their rank within the hierarchy.

USN Enlisted Insignia

Seaman Recruit (No Rank Insignia)

E2-seaman-apprentice-400x400Seaman Apprentice
E4-petty-officer-third-classPetty Officer Third Class
E5-petty-officer-second-class 400x400Petty Officer Second Class
E6-petty-officer-first-class-400x400Petty Officer First Class
E7-chief-petty-officerChief Petty Officer
E8-senior-chief-petty-officerSenior Chief Petty Officer
E9b-Fleet-command-master-chief-petty-officerFleet Command Master Chief Petty Officer
E9-master-chief-petty-officerMaster Chief Petty Officer
E9-master-chief-petty-officer-Senior Chief Petty Officer

Officer Insignia

Warrant Officer Insignias

navywoUSN Warrant Officer 1
W3-chief-warrant-officer-3Chief Warrant Officer 2
W3-chief-warrant-officer-3Chief Warrant Officer 3
W4-chief-warrant-officer-4Chief Warrant Officer 4
W5-chief-warrant-officer-5Chief Warrant Officer 5

Commissioned Rank Insignia 

O2-lieutenant-junior-grade Lieutenant-junior-grade
O3-lieutenant Lieutenant
O4-lieutenant-commander Lieutenant-commander

O8-rear-admiral Rear Admiral
O9-vice-admiralVice Admiral
O11-Fleet-AdmiralFleet Admiral

Finally we wanted to add that some of these badges are made out of fabric and others as lapel pins, but non of them are made out of PVC. However, to know the symbols used for navy ranks can be helpful when designing your own custom navy patches.

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