Custom EMS Patches

If you are looking for patches with your EMS service company logo, patches that you can put on job shirts/coats, you might want to consider PVC patches over embroidered or woven patches.

EMS PVC Soft Rubber Patches vs Embroidered

Although custom embroidered patches were used extensively in the past by police officers, fire departments, search and rescue teams, soldiers, emergency paramedics and emergency medical technicians, nowadays patches made out of this soft rubber material are the best choice for those seeking to identify their job shirts, rain gear or EMS gear.
Meanwhile embroidered items has a vintage look, however soft PVC’s strength and high temperatures resistance (among other aesthetically reasons) makes EMS patches stand out, no matter if you are using it as a chest patch, as a shoulder patch or as a hat patch.

Featured Patches


Specials Operations EMS Patches

The city of Austin contacted us to create a PVC version of their standard EMS patch, with its respective Velcro Back, as their resistance and design flexibility surpasses the life span of regular embroidered patches.
As they were planing on sewing it to their jackets, our customers chose the option of no Velcro backing, and the white background goes very well with the dark blue of their jackets. The 2D design of this patch is all what’s needed with a logo that is so well designed.
4 Weeks after they approved the art for their patch, it was ready to be sent to them.

PVC patches are absolutely phenomenal – Stadium Medical


Adventure Medics Patches

Our customer wanted patches for their hats (Velcro makes them easy to apply).

These events they cater to, are those where rock-climbing, mountain biking, surfing and other extreme activities is practiced, in places such as Alaska, or Costa Rica.

Their patches needed to be resistant to almost any type of conditions, which is Soft PVC’s main advantage.

As their website states, Adventure Medics:

“We are here to raise the standard of medical care in the pre-hospital setting and provide peace of mind for event promoters.”

EMS Patches Key Features

  1. Shape: Custom shapes are possible.
  2. Color: we use standard PMS Color (choose any from your color chart or pantone)
  3. Strenght: soft pvc responder patches are flexible and lightweight but will keep their shape and won’t distort or break
  4. 2D or 3D : square or round edges
  5. Custom badges backing options: or .
    • Sewing channel (recommended)
    • Velcro backing
    • Iron-on

Popular Shoulder Patches:

Our custom EMS badge patch suits the needs not only of emergency medical services EMT and paramedic but also of the following :

  • Hero’s Pride patch.
  • Tactical EMS Patch
  • Paramedic EMT (emergency medical technician) Patch
  • EMT intermediate Patch
  • Tactical medic Patch
  • Special Unit Patch
  • EMT Ambulance Patch
  • Responder Patch

Emergency medical services often require this kind of badge patch. These also called ambulance patches or security patches are considered as a fundamental part not only of the EMS apparel but also of the firefighter apparel and/or gear.

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  • EMS PVC Patch
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